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My spouse and I are planning a move to Toronto from Chicago. I've been to Toronto a few times (family from Ontario) and my spouse has been there once, but we're feeling overwhelmed looking at all the different neighborhoods (and...suburbs? absorbed suburbs?) Can you help us find a place to live?
comment posted at 4:05 PM on Jun-15-20

A character in the novel I'm writing (set in the early 90s) is a recent film school MFA graduate. Either UCLA or USC. She went in thinking she wanted to make fictional films, but switched to documentaries. I'm looking for stories, anecdotes, tidbits, about the film school experience/culture, if there is such a thing. Anything would be helpful! Thanks.
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comment posted at 4:58 AM on Jun-15-20

My city (on the north side of the East Bay in California) has been experiencing unusually loud, unusually frequent fireworks over the last few weeks (our local Facebook group HATES it), and I've been seeing mentions of the same thing here and there over twitter and in articles like this one about Boston. I was wondering if this is also happening anywhere else? Are there any other articles being written about it?
comment posted at 5:27 PM on Jun-12-20

When people say "Abolish The Police," what do they mean?
comment posted at 9:53 AM on Jun-9-20

Our family just adopted this good dog, a 35-pound, mixed breed, hilarious, 7-month-old boy. But what is his name?
comment posted at 1:35 PM on Jun-8-20

The pandemic has me concentrating on plants, something I don't have a great history with. Help me understand houseplants in regards to my particular apartment / window situation. Photos inside.
comment posted at 1:46 PM on Jun-8-20

I drop my phone. A lot. I'm buying a new iPhone SE this week and I really want to protect it well. (I'm considering AppleCare, too.) I couldn't find an AskMe on this that's newer than 2018, so ... please share your suggestions, especially if you're a serial phone dropper like me!
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Jun-5-20

I'm working on a piece of writing about how a particular industry needs to have a values shift. I had thought about opening it with the well-known anecdote "two wolves fighting" anecdote, where the moral is that the one that wins is the one you feed. But when I went to look up origins, turns out it's a piece of evangelical glurge that gets passed off as a "Native American" story. I don't want any of the associations of that on my piece. So, do you know of another short anecdote with a similar moral - that you need to make a choice about which values to invest in? Thanks for your help.
comment posted at 6:33 PM on May-28-20

What unique and useful thing is your pet (or wildlife) trained to do? Your pet may have taught themself when they figured out it was useful, or you may have taught them. How did they learn it?
comment posted at 4:41 PM on May-25-20

I am listening to the audio book of Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier for the second time in as many months - can you help me find more books like this?
comment posted at 12:24 PM on May-23-20
comment posted at 12:30 PM on May-23-20

So, my sister wore me down and we have a new puppy. He's big, 60 pounds at 6 months. They tell me he may double in size in 6 months. He not afraid of barking, but seems very gentle and is shy. So, what should we call him?
comment posted at 9:25 AM on May-22-20

I want a mask with pleats or multiple layers of effective cloth that has a filter pocket and elastic straps for behind the head to make it fit snugly, also a metal bendable form-fitting nose piece. I would like effective filters to go in this mask. Got any leads?
comment posted at 7:01 PM on May-21-20
comment posted at 7:48 PM on May-21-20

I would like to build something similar to this in my loft. However, I'd want the curtain to be on a track and it to be a perfect circle. I don't know how to do it or what material to use. Know something about building/construction and/or fabric? Come on in!
comment posted at 7:18 PM on May-15-20

I would like to be able to bike in my house. I have a bike. I don't have a ton of money. I am somewhat fat. Do I get a cheap bike training stand or a cheap exercise bike and if so, which one? Needs to be delivered by mail.
comment posted at 8:39 AM on May-15-20

This is another in my series of questions about telephone technology in 1991.
comment posted at 7:13 PM on May-14-20

I'm looking for nicknames of literary or historical figures, especially, although not exclusively, ones that take the form 'The X of Y'. Example: 'The Bard of Avon'.
comment posted at 1:51 PM on May-14-20

I am in search of reading recommendations about unrequited love, please.
comment posted at 8:41 AM on May-6-20

Hi. I have the first gen iPad Pro (lightning port, rounded corners). It has a smart connector. I know Apple aren’t officially supporting this model with the new 2020 Magic Keyboard (though oddly 1st gen 11” is supported). But won’t the smart connector allow it to work anyway? I’d love to use the Magic Keyboard as a dock for working at. If this would work, presumably the magic connector would also let the iPad charge from the Magic Keyboard’s built-in USB-C port? Thanks for any advice on this!
comment posted at 6:01 AM on May-5-20

My kid is constantly borrowing my company laptop to do writing (mostly in Google Docs) and log in to their school portal to do whatever they need. They don't really game at all. It's mostly YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, all of which is really done on their phone. So I think the primary purpose of this machine will just be writing with occasionally streaming videos on Hulu/Prime/Netflix.
comment posted at 9:14 PM on May-4-20

New foster dog seems to be a picky eater to the point of not eating his dog food. Should we wait for his hunger strike to end or is there an affordable fix for this? More details inside
comment posted at 8:52 AM on May-4-20

I'm looking for a TV that displays in such a way that my dog won't be able to understand the images and will hopefully just ignore it.
comment posted at 7:14 AM on Apr-29-20

Reading is my escape, but I'm too scattered right now for long-form fiction (god i wonder why). Rec me your favorite short story collections please? I'm open to any author or genre, as long as the writing is good - thanks!
comment posted at 4:00 PM on Apr-26-20
comment posted at 4:10 PM on Apr-26-20

I wanted to post this question for quite some time, but had trouble framing it. After reading this interview with Donald Knuth I suddenly realized what is I'm really after: "A person’s success in life is determined by having a high minimum, not a high maximum. If you can do something really well but there are other things at which you’re failing, the latter will hold you back. But if almost everything you do is up there, then you’ve got a good life. And so I try to learn how to get through things that others find unpleasant.". Share your tricks how you raise your minimum!
comment posted at 4:45 PM on Apr-23-20

I'm looking for TV recommendations for relatively upbeat shows with great ensemble casts (or varied casts of characters that really tie together, even if there's a main lead). A little bit of sarcasm and snark is always welcome, too. Stuff I've really liked: Schitt's Creek, Community, The Good Place, Zooey's Extraordinary Playlist, Doctor Who. Can you recommend what I should watch next while staying socially distant and indoors? Thank you!
comment posted at 7:25 PM on Apr-22-20

My bandanas and homemade masks are not the greatest face coverings. Is there a reusable mask I can buy that you'd recommend, that I can get before, say, 2022?
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Apr-22-20
comment posted at 3:17 PM on Apr-22-20

Which Moby-Dick audiobook should I get from Audible?
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comment posted at 5:41 AM on Apr-17-20

Can you tell what this bush is? Sorry, this is my best picture.
comment posted at 5:32 PM on Apr-13-20

I have several heavy cotton napkins that I think would be ideal mask material, but no sewing machine. They're about 18 inches square, and I can thread a tie through the hem by making holes in each side (pic). But I need help from there.
comment posted at 8:54 PM on Apr-9-20

Today I learned that there's an illustrated book about Billie Holiday and her dog, Mister. Seeing pictures from it I immediately thought, "Why did they draw the dog as a Boxer when it famously was a Pit Bull?!" And then I learned that in the book, they ID'd the dog as a Boxer. WTF?
comment posted at 8:16 AM on Apr-7-20

It’s more than a twitter account for me.
comment posted at 8:16 AM on Apr-6-20

What tablet will most closely resemble the experience of grading papers with a pen on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper? I
comment posted at 7:05 PM on Apr-3-20

In the U.S., the coronavirus has become something of a political issue. I can't wrap my head around this. My Facebook feed is filled with friends who discount its potency and/or promote bizarre conspiracy theories around the virus and our reaction to it. Plus, there are Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones promoting the idea that everyone is freaking out for no good reason. My question: Is this attitude something common outside the United States? Has this pandemic become a political issue in other countries too?
comment posted at 11:57 AM on Mar-29-20

Hello! I just watched Unbelievable and was unexpectedly blown away and deeply, deeply satisfied by the relationship between the two lead detectives, played by Toni Collette and Merritt Wever. I had not known I was hungry for portrayals of women being awesomely competent, but apparently I am. So I am seeking more of that. Looking for TV shows and movies that I can binge-watch during the pandemic, that feature one or more smart, capable, ideally morally-complicated female characters in their thirties or older. Doesn't need to be workplace-centred, could be home/family, or something else.
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I really like the writing of Daniel Woodrell, but have read all his books. He can really turn a phrase. So can James Lee Burke -- but his plots are pedestrian and make the books needlessly long. I've read all the classic series by the big authors -- noir, procedurals, etc. Looking for little-known authors who don't let plot ruin their books. Bonus points if there's audiobooks available.
comment posted at 1:19 PM on Mar-29-20

Somebody's making a very inept attempt to scam me. I don't even understand how it's supposed to work.
comment posted at 4:35 PM on Mar-9-20

I've played D&D for years and loved it; it was really part of my identity and the one thing I kept coming back to. But lately, in the middle of starting up a game I was really excited about, I'm just suddenly... Done. I have no interest in it, and it even actively annoys me now to see D&D stuff pop up in my social media. What's happening?
comment posted at 6:40 AM on Mar-7-20

Ok. Short and Sweet (pun intended:) Does The tuna salad recipe at American Delis or in your recipe book include SWEET pickle relish or DILL pickle relish? Please leave out the recipes that have no relish at all. My bf and I disagree about flavor options. I say sweet, he thinks dill is the preference.
comment posted at 1:35 AM on Mar-1-20

The Queen's Gambit is my favorite novel by one of my favorite authors, Walter Tevis. Tevis' writing style is simple and direct. His books are plotty and super amenable to being filmed. I'm looking for recommendations for similar novels.
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