Maya snap to problems
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About using the 'snap to' tool in Autodesk Maya 8.5 (Personal Learning Edition), what am I doing wrong?

According to my lecture videos (I'm a distance education student), I need to select the edit point of the curve I wish to edit with the middle mouse button and hold down C to have the edit point stick/snap to another curve.

I can make the snap work when I'm creating a curve, I can make it snap to the grid, I can make it snap to points but I can not get it to snap to another curve.

When I'm attempting to snap to the curve, the visual cues seem right. The point is a yellow X surrounded by a yellow circle, and the three-coloured move axes are in place. I can move the point, it just won't acknowledge the curve at all. The curve is on the same layer as the curve I'm trying to edit.

I have had a long email conversation with my lecturer who can't work out what the problem is. Any ideas?
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Oh snap. After hours and hours, I finally realised, I discovered I should middle click on the target curve.
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