How to create a galaxy?
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How do I create the dark gas of a galaxy within Maya?

I am having issues creating a good looking galaxy with stringy dark gas. Here is what I wish to replicate.

So I've separated the various elements of a galaxy into thee different requirements: opaque dark gas, stars, and nebulas. Here is the main inspiration.

The dark gas best defines the arms and gives a galaxy its fascinating detailed look. I have already figured out how to best create the mass of stars and puffs of nebulas. But the dark gas has me stumped and I need your help.

Here are a few techniques I've brainstormed lately.
--- emit particles from an image: particle location based on alpha.
--- use modified coral poly: use as a volume space for fluids. Perhaps try Xenodream for poly generation.
--- create lightning pfx: emit fluid from pfx with the help of SOuP.
--- try painting the fluids
--- realflow?

Or know of any good forums to post this question?
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