How to create fractals within Maya?
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Fractal creation/generation within Maya?

I've searched long and hard for a method to create fractals within Autodesk Maya 8.5. I have tested XenoDream, but the following pictures are taken to a whole different level. 1, 2, 3. I understand that Sunflow is a renderer and that it has the ability to generate these fractal structures based on coding functions (dug deep into their forums). But I need the ability to animate and tweak the models within Maya...

Looking to other methods, I've googled around and found aggregation fractals. This took my research into newfound lands of DLA.

I'm not expecting any easy way out, but I am unable to really find any foundational information about this process. Here is a way to use Maya's MEL scripting to control generative fractals, but I am simply no coder! Here is a plug-in that works with L-Systems, but its so thick and messy! This last architect study could be useful, but still lacks the detail of DLA fractals.

I have included most of my research to show what I currently know; hopefully someone can point me in the proper direction. I would greatly appreciate any help!
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Response by poster: I know its possible in Maya, here is video proof! Truly beautiful.
And the winners of this recent CGSociety contest understand it too!
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Best answer: answer found: XenoDream
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