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Does anyone remember a site that had symbols for designing a comprehensive logo reflecting one's sexual practices and orientation?

Some time ago, a friend of mine had a site bookmarked that had small images designed to be combined to show what sexual practices someone enjoyed, including instructions for indicating whether the person preferred to "give or receive.".

My friend wanted to design a tattoo around the idea, and having the original site would help. Does anyone remember seeing anything like that?
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Dunno about symbols, but the NBCS Bear Code is a semi-serious classification system for some gay men. It's an ASCII code, e.g.
B4 s- m g++ w d+c t+ f+ k+ r e+(+?)
The Bear Code begat a lot of related codes, but they're all going to be ASCII.
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I totally remember that. Like not so much stick figures, but the kind of generic figures you see on crosswalk signs and such, right? And it was in a circle? I'm looking for you right now. I'll post a link if I find it again.
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I also remember this, but have no idea where it was. It definitely had to do with colors, I think. Certain colors on the stick figures meant different things...

Sorry I can't help more, but I'm also looking.
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If it's colour you want, the hankie codes provide, but it's just colour, not iconography. Also no one takes it very seriously outside a few specific colours.
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It's text-only, but was it the Twink Code?
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I don't think My Attraction Code is what you're looking for, but I'll pass it on in case it is.
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And it's not a generator, but Wikipedia has an article about LGBT symbols.
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