Quality online t-shirt maker?
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Hi, simple question here. My friends and I are designing logos on photoshop. We'd like to put the finished logos on some shirts what we'll probably wear for a marathon. I'd love to hear some recommendations on what reputable online sites you might have used - I found a a decent bunch of choices on google, but can't seem to find reviews so It'd be nice to have some anecdata.
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I've used a couple times and pretty happy with the results.
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How many colors? Do you want them silk-screened or is an extremely fancy iron-on okay*? How many shirts do you need?

*That's what most print-on-demand shirt sites, like Society6 or Zazzle of CafePress or whatnot, will use. Quality varies but they're the cheapest way to do a very small number of shirts.
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2nding CustomInk. Nice people, easy-to-use interface and great quality end product. They don't offer quite as much customisation as a local shop might, but they're a solid choice for most projects.
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Nthing CustomInk. Fantastic service, and fast.
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yep, customink. great quality and service.
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nthing CustomInk (full disclosure, I used to work for them). If you have the ability, design the logos in Illustrator instead of Photoshop if you want them to be screen printed (as opposed to digital printing). MeMail me if you have questions (experience level: 10 years designing logos for screen printing).
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If for some reason you don't find CustomInk to your liking, I've also been really happy with; I get a lot of shirts made there.
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If you have a local EmbroidMe franchise, check them out. Mileage may vary.
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