The Dark Crystal soundtrack, and friends!
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Looking for more soundtracks in the same vein as The Dark Crystal; any ideas?
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Perhaps other soundtracks done by the same composer? I know he did Labyrinth as well, and I think if you like one you'd probably like the other. Presumably he has scored other movies that were not 80s-era Muppet films, if you want to check some of them out.
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Can you be a bit more specific about what exactly you liked about the soundtrack? That might help people narrow in on some other options.

In line with Stacey's comment, Trevor Jones's soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans is lovely.
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Response by poster: Fuzzbean: epic and fantastical, with a moving refrain.
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Response by poster: Stacey: thanks, but Labyrinth is too muddied by Bowie. I like Bowie, but not in the context of what I'm looking for.
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Do you like Vengalis? The soundtrack for 1492 fits your description.
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All of Howard Shores "Lord of the Rings" scores fit your description, though they're less blatantly electronic.
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