It was more than a flesh wound.
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My turn: what movie have I been thinking about for the past 15 years or so? The only scene I can remember is some guy getting his hand chopped off in a cave or dungeon.

Sometime around 1992-1994 or so, I was out grocery shopping with my parents. I ended up wandering into the store's video rental department, where they were playing this movie on the TV. The only part I'm able to remember in any detail was this: Some guy being held prisoner, chained, maybe had long hair. He gets led to this big rock, where they hold his arm down on top of the rock and chop his hand or arm off, with a sword or maybe a big axe. The cave or dungeon this took place in was very dimly lit (as caves and dungeons tend to be). I know that's not too much to go on but hopefully someone else has seen this.
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Army of Darkness? I don't think this is it but I remember the scene too and this is all that pops into my head.
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Best answer: That sounds suspiciously like the beginning of Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood: Prince of Theives".

The first scene is set in a Moorish (or whatever) dungeon where dudes be getting justice-cized old school.
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Best answer: Opening scene of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves?
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Yet another movie where some guy got his hand chopped off was The Vikings, with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas (Curtis was the one who lost his hand).
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Best answer: Seconding Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Your description covers that scene exactly and matches the timeframe.
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Best answer: Although in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood, Robin does not get his hand chopped off, but manages to escape with various feats of derring-do. Otherwise, yes, perfect description.
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I'm not sure if this matches your description, but it does remind me of the move Swamp Thing...I loved this movie as a kid for some reason.

From Amazon....

...They use her for bate and of course Swamp Thing comes to the rescue and, of course, he is captured. Arcane's men manage to lock him up in a dungeon (a dungeon in the swamps?!) and he has an arm cut off during the struggle.
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Best answer: It's that Kevin Costner movie about Robin Hood.
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Best answer: Nthing Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks guys. Robin Hood it is. I've never actually seen any more of the movie since; maybe I should get around to renting it one of these days.
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maybe I should get around to renting it one of these days.

Uhh, don't bother. Get the original with Erroll Flynn.
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Uhh, don't bother.

Blasphemy. Costner is the boss...tner.
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Watch it if you want to see Alan Rickman having a grand old time chewing up the scenery and winking at the audience while everyone else is playing deadly serious with somewhat weak material.
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Or you could just go and rent Robin Hood: Men in tights! With a very funny Dave Chappelle.
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P.o.B., you've gotta be kidding. Men in Tights was very nearly as unfunny as Spaceballs.
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Men in Tights was very nearly as unfunny as Spaceballs.

That sentence makes no sense. Spaceballs is (still) a modern comedy classic. You are right that Men in Tights was no good, though.
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Bruce Cambell lost his hand in evil dead 2 not army of darkness. Spaceballs is on of the best parodies of star wars ever, though family guy did a kick a$$ good job too
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