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Was this part of a movie or was it just a dream?

My dreams are extremely visual, and sometimes I can't tell if a memory is from a dream or an old movie I saw when I was a kid.
Here's what I remember: A young man with a girl are in some sort of cave (maybe they are just underground), and there is a boulder covering up a large hole in the ground. The boy moves the boulder, (and I think the girl says something along the lines of, "The hole is covered up for a reason") and either bats come out or some sort of dog-like creature runs towards them from inside the hole, where the boy and girl frantically move the rock back, covering the hole again.

Was this from a movie? Or am I just remembering an old nightmare, where I was that young man? It's driving me crazy!
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Sounds a tiny bit like The Gate.
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This doesn't fit your description exactly, but is it the Batman Begins scene, wherein Bruce (as a young boy) falls into a hole with bats? If I recall correctly, he was with a girl in that scene.
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How about The Goonies? When they are running away from the Fratellis there is a rock underground covering a tunnel where Martha Plimpton says that "God put that rock there for a reason and, and I don't think we should move it" after which the bats come flying out.
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Ah thanks guys! The Goonies crossed my mind, but the only scene I could remember was the part where they had to go through the fireplace.

Thanks arruns!
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My dreams are extremely visual, and sometimes I can't tell if a memory is from a dream or an old movie I saw when I was a kid.

Wow, welcome to every freaking morning of my life.
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Ewwww - you've reminded me of Uwe Boll. What you describe made me think of Alone In The Dark, which has Stephen Dorff in it, as does The Gate mentioned above.
Now to try to forget it again.
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Forget it because it was scary or because it was too lame to keep in your memory?
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The movie isn't scary, and lame doesn't quite cover how bad it is it.
The really scary thing is that Uwe Boll continues to make movies. His work can be funny in very small doses, but the thought of ever seeing any of his movies ever again fills me with absolute horror.
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Seconding Arruns. That is definitely the Goonies you were remembering.
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