where can i sell my hair?
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Where can I sell my hair (NYC)?

I have lots of hair and would like lots of money. I live in New York and would prefer to do it in person. I am too lazy to sell it on ebay or anything like that.
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Are you a guy? I read the hair that is worth something is women's really long hair preferably very straight and black
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FYI, you might consider donating it for for cancer patient wigs.



My girlfriend really wanted to do this but has not dont it yet, as she found many of the places that handle the hair donations are not very reputable and kept WAY too much of the monetary donations for "overhead".

Not sure about the reliability of this exact link, but it does repeat the message she received from other reputable sources:

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Making wigs for children with alopecia (permanent hair loss, from chemo or other causes) is pretty damn expensive. LOL's website clearly states that hair that is not usable for the wigs is sold at FMV to help fund the actual production of the wigs.

But yeah, that's not what you asked about. I don't know what the FMV is for hair.
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Best answer: Try posting here and say that you'll do it in person. How hard is that, or Craigslist?

The Straight Dope once said that regularly shampooed hair wasn't worth much, so I guess it might depend on your hygiene.
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Locks of Love is not a scam. The reason they make so few wigs from donated hair is that most of the hair they get is unusable. The 12% for admin cited in that report is not an egregious amount.

pleasantries, if you're not inclined to shop your hair around, you're not going to have much luck. Hair just isn't worth what it was in the olden days.
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Response by poster: It looks like they get quite a bit on that website. Thanks I will try it!
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Seconding that Locks of Love is by no means a scam. I'm not sure what the hell that girl at VeryBigBlog is talking about:

And - who knew that people with long lovely locks are rudely hounded to cut it off and donate it all the time

She's being harassed to donate her hair? My wife has donated four times to Locks of Love (apparently she has great hair for wigs) and she's even coordinated donations of over a dozen people at her school for the last two years. No one's ever approached her about donating; she has always had to initiate contact herself, and the only time she's even gotten any unsolicited contact from LoL was the Christmas card they sent her last year.
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Pleasantries, I get the distinct impression that the site linked above is a very subtle fetish site. You might poke around a bit and get a sense of the site's culture before posting your photo and any personal info on it, and limit where and how you will be cutting your hair. "In person" service might be worth more than you think.. or want!
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