Unearthed Cellar Ecosystem Documentary?
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I'm looking for the title of a nature documentary about an ecosystem unearthed under a cellar, full of blind white insects and spiders.

I've never seen this documentary, but I read a description of it on a forum and now I'm completely intrigued and would love to see it. The original description I read of it was in this post on the Dissensus forum:

There are two surreal Nature Docs I'd dearly love to track down.. The first I saw several years ago, twas about a small cave under a cellar, in Italy I think, that had sealed up 100's or 1000's of years ago, trapping an entire little ecosystem inside without light, but fed by water seeping through the limestone. All the creatures trapped inside like spiders and other bugs were blind and brilliant white. Everything was white, total white out, it was beautiful.

Any help finding the name of this documentary would be much appreciated!
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Well, here is an article that more accurately describes a similar sounding cave, with photos, and then Googling Documentary + Movile Cave led to Ends of the Earth: the Secret Abyss of Movile Cave. So, if it's not really Italy, but Romania, perhaps that's it?
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