Recommend a miracle-worker hairstylist for men in seattle/eastside!
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Seattle or Eastside: Recommendations for a hairdresser specializing in trendy cuts for men, despite the formidable obstacle of seriously thinning hair. This may be my last chance to look young, hot, and fashionable, before my hair declares to the world the world "Going on middle aged and should know better by now!". I have long hippy hair that has never been fashionable. It's disappearing and I'd like a trendy cut at least once before it's too late. It may already be too late. I fear a stylist is going to misjudge how thin it is (the length disguises this) and botch it. So: Who is a miracle-worker hairstylist who can give guys makeovers to hotness?
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I recommend Bijou at Vain in Belltown. I never learned how to specify what I want my hair to look like and generally go about six months between shearings. Despite my communicating to her in grunts and vague gestures she managed to put an utterly normal haircut on my head, which is precisely what I wanted. Nice work.

Her style, as you can from her photo, is rather on the vibrant side. I expect she'll figure out what you're after just fine. FWIW, I no longer go to her. Since I bought a house and gno longer have disposable income, I've gone back to shaving my head every 2-3 months. But that's because I'm lazy.
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I'm not a guy, but I've had great experience at Babalouise in Ballard and think it's worth recommending anyway. Jenny was the stylist I would go to. I'm only mentioning this because I thought they were really low-pressure and I felt like they always helped me get a haircut that was exactly what I was looking for.
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I also strongly recommend Bijou at Vain. Vain has a tremendous set of stylists... I've also been quite happy with David there.
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When I lopped off my pony tail I let Carinn @ vain do it. I would recommend her as well as any of the others there.

Another great person to go to is Jen B. at Kristovich loft.
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Courtney at Studio 229. I've heard great things about all of the stylists there, but he's the man. Plus, he's hilarious, which is always a bonus in a hairstylist.

I've heard great things about Vain also, for the record.
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Just an update, after seeing the responses to this AskMe I made an appointment at Vain. Bijou no longer works there, sadly. David is still active part-time, and really did a stellar job with my (thick, dark, somewhat wavy, male) hair. He's really helpful and hair-noob friendly. Put together a nice balanced casual/professional style with some token daily maintenance. The style was $55 with a free touch-up within four weeks.

He mentioned that he's going to have limited availability through November, but for any lurkers who happen upon this thread after that I highly recommend him.
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