Looking for a hairdresser in Cambridge/Somerviile.
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Turn my "Alice" into a "Veronica." Looking for a trustworthy hairdresser in Somerville or Cambridge, MA who can cut curls.

I'm sick of going to the South End to get my hair cut and can't afford my roommate's suggestion on Newbury St. So a few weeks ago, I decided to take a scissors into my own hands. It wasn't a complete disaster, but now that my "Alice" (like from Dilbert... I know, it was a mistake) is growing out, I have to do something quick to fix it.

Does anyone know of a trustworthy, relatively inexpensive hairdresser/ salon in Somerville/ Cambridge, MA who can cut curly hair? Its not that curly... but its pretty curly.

I'd rather not pay more than $50, including tip.
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Best answer: Tarly cuts my hair at Judy Jetson on Mass Ave near Porter Sq and I loooove her. I have really curly hair but often straighten it...so I can attest to her skills for both curly and straight. It's 50 bucks for the cut, not including tip, but I really like the salon so there might be others there that charge less.
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Mindy Cooper has cut my hair for the last five years, and her specialty is curly hair (even though mine isn't). She is totally wonderful. Two possible snags for your question: she recently moved from Harvard Square to Watertown Center, and while my haircut is under your price limit, I know women's haircuts are usually more expensive.
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Grace Salon in Union Square. Ask for Grace, she's the best.
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I have a huge amount of fine wavy hair - in my 34 years I've found two people who can cut it, one of whom was mentioned above. Tarley is awesome - I used to go to her when we both lived in WMass and actually went a few times to Cambridge after she moved. She gives amazing cuts and always makes sure you know how to style it before you leave.
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Response by poster: I have an appointment with Tarley tomorrow morning! Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: Oh, by the way. Tarley was awesome. And my hair is even more awesome-er.
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Yay! Thanks for the follow-up!
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