Where in UK/ Western Europe can I get my curly hair cut?
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Hi all, I have long caucasian wavy-curly hair, and I'm looking for a stylist who really understands (ideally specialises in) curly hair. Someone who can work with the natural texture and not expect I'm going to straighten it or blow-dry it (complete masochism in a rainy climate...) I'm willing to travel for a good cut so can anyone recommend me a stylist or a salon in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam....?
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Stephane Pierre Ferey in Helsinki. He has a chair at Peili on Frederinkatu and bookings can be made online and he's on facebook as well as email.

He is a user centered designer and a master cutter. He will listen to all of what you have written here and work with you to develop a cut that fits within your lifestyle needs, preference for "work" (blowdry or products or no fuss) and then cut and style your hair that fits that unmet need to the T, AND make you look and feel fantastic at the end of it.

Memail me for a personal introduction. (He might be away for a couple of weeks sometime around now on summer vacation but should be back soon if he is, the link to bookings will show his availability)

He's not cheap but he's not expensive either. A cut and colour is around 150e and the cut itself and alone may depend on what you both decide to do. For me it used be around 60e but I have short hair.
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I had a very good haircut at gaupa in Cork, Ireland and I have really weird, difficult to cut curly-wavy-straight caucasian hair. They're apparently known for being good with curls and there were lots of other curly haired people in there getting equally great haircuts.

But I can't help thanking that all the cities you list are big enough that you should be able to find somewhere equally good without travelling. Maybe try websites like this one for more specific advice?
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The website NaturallyCurly.com has a feature called Salon Finder that could steer you in the right direction. (Or check out the Salon/Stylist Chatter section of the website's CurlTalk forum.) The site is U.S.-based, but there's plenty of overseas participation.

Good luck! I found an excellent stylist through Salon Finder, and I know what a difference a good cut can make to a person with curls. (I used to assume that every salon visit would leave me with ever-so-flattering triangle hair ...)
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Not sure where you're based, but I go to Lucy at Duke and Scarlet in Bristol.

Plus I use shampoo/conditioner without SLS and silicon - google 'curly girl' for details!
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