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I love me some girly music. Recommend me your favorite unabashedly girly musicians. More detailed description inside.

"Girly" very very loosely refers to girliness-enhancing rather than genre or the artist's gender. While there is a time and a place for Patti Smith, I'm not looking for just any talented female artist: sometimes I'm in the mood for fey, unusual music. I want a soundtrack for baking cupcakes, reading Djuna Barnes, and drowning out uppity music snobs who quote Steve Albini's rants against Cocorosie.

I want music that can slay a Norwegian death metal band with the might of estrogen and buttercups.

Currently On Repeat

*Jolie Holland
*Kate Bush
*Antony & The Johnsons
*Cocorosie (Steve Albini can eat my teflon-poisoned cupcakes)
*Camera Obscura
*Julie Doiron
*Edith Piaf
*Alela Diane
*Neko Case

*Joanna Newsom (only in very specific moods)
*Rilo Kiley (they bore me for some reason, I can't put my finger on it)
*riot grrls (love them, but not what I'm looking for at the moment, unless you count "Bedroom Dancing" by Le Tigre)
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Best answer: These are not all girls, but...

Elliot Smith
Imogen Heap
Motion City Soundtrack
Oh No! Oh My!
Regina Spektor
Tilly and the Wall
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Best answer: Dar Williams

Be Good Tanyas (Jolie Holland used to be with them)

I'll probably think of more later...
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You want The Ditty Bops. They are the girliest thing Ive ever heard.
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Her Space Holiday
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Try the Puppini Sisters.
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Best answer: Girly:
The Beautiful South, perhaps the girliest all-guy band of all time.
Belle & Sebastian
Jess Klein
Erin Mckeown
Carla know, the first lady of France.
The entire soundtrack to the French movie "Love Songs" (Les Chansons d'Amour). Par example.

I love Cocorosie. Their cover of Ohio = perfection.
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Best answer: Not sure if this counts, but maybe The Sounds.

At least I feel kind of girly when I sing along...
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The Pipettes?
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(Although they are not exactly 'fey' and 'unusual'. I guess I should read the question!)
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France Gall
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Girly? Huh?
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Kate Rusby.
And maybe Cibo Matto, too.
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Kate Nash
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Seconding Dar Williams and The Beautiful South

Also Jill Sobule, Yael Naim, and Jann Arden.
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Best answer: Holly Golightly
Dressy Bessy
Moldy Peaches
Afternoon Naps
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Regina Spektor ...?
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Because I pitch her every chance I get: Esthero
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Best answer: May I present to you the All Girl Summer Fun Band?
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How about Jesca Hoop?
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Some of Jewel's stuff fits.
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Samples on their myspace page.
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I second Frente and Rasputina

I add Mirah and Heavenly.
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Sons & Daughters (Rock!)
Nina Nastasia (Steve Albini will continue to chomp...)
Mates of State (Girl/Boy pop)
The Rosebuds (Girl/Boy pop)
French Kicks (The only consistent 'watch me sell 5 copies, all to girls' band I know of. Recommended album: Trial of the Century)
Mara Carlyle (Feist-y)
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Reinforcing Dressy Bessy and All Girl Summer Fun Band whilst adding Pony Up!
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Petty Booka - Japanese ukulele playing duet
Robots in Disguise
Boswell Sisters
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Alright, are you trying to get bands that are all girls or bands with girl singers!?

Im not into too much lady singing but a few of my favorites are

Zoloft the Rock & Roll Destroyer
Zentredi (From Richmond Virginia, AWESOME chick band)
Pre-Skool (also from Richmond - later called Maude Gone and even later turned into the Exploder)
Boy Wonder (Excellent psudo-60ish/pop band from Pennsylvannia I think)
Dakota Motor Company (Great Christian band whose guitar player/back-up singer hosted a tv show on MTV WAY back in like the early-mid 90s about beach games...)
Discount (Flordia)
The Donna's
Denali (Another great one from Virginia, her brother was the singer/guitar player for Bughummer from Georgia and later Engine Down from here in Virginia and is now the 2nd guitar player in Sparta - ex At the Drive-in)

Can't think of too many now. If you cant find these, let me know and I can help you out I am sure :)

Hope these help!
Take Care
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Female vocals:
Goldfrapp's new album, Seventh Tree
The Chromatics
Ms. John Soda
Hanne Hukkelberg
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
St. Vincent

Someone mentioned Imogen Heap -- I'd second her and note: if you like her, you'll probably like Kate Havnevik.

Male vocals:
Rufus Wainwright

(Could people please stop using the ungrammatical "recommend me ___" in AskMe questions?)
posted by Jaltcoh at 10:39 AM on July 18, 2008 I for got these last two -

The Anniversary and Circle Takes The Square!
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Second Heavenly and the All Girl Summer Fun Band. If you want the real thing, try the Shangri-Las.
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Seconding the Ditty Bops. They're the pure essence of girliness. Whenever I hear them I feel like I should be wearing a big floofy dress and either baking something delicious or riding a bike with a basket full of puppies on the front.
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She & Him
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Pony Up!
Brandi Carlile
Thirding Rasputina
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Best answer: i just got volume 1 &2 of alright, this time just the girls.

it seems to be exactly what you're looking for. it's all so freaking adorable. i can't stop singing candypants song dishy

I don't want a sirloin steak
Don't give me a chocolate cake
What my tummy needs the most
Creamy boy spread on my toast
When he's nibbled to the core
Please sir may I have some more?

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Not sure if they are girly enough, but maybe you would dig The Detroit Cobras.
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Now that I think about it, no list of fey and unusual women would be complete without Bjork.
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Also, Francoise Hardy is amazing. Annette Hanshaw too. I have some of their tracks on my muxtape if you want to hear what they sound like.
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Wanda Jackson, queen of rockabilly, might be good if you like Neko Case. She's got soul.
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Mandy Moore (really)
Lisa Loeb (still love her)
The Cardigans
The Sounds
Lucinda Williams
Isobel Campbell
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James Blunt, for the win- as the geeks say.
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Pink Martini!
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I cant believe someone recommended Jess Klein! She is so, so fantastic and no one ever knows who she is. So, yay, Maddy Rex. That's totally who I was coming here to recommend.

But also, St. Mannequins. Their myspace page describes their songs as being like "doughnut holes... tiny, sweet, and incomplete", which is pretty accurate. Reminds me of Cocorosie a bit, but with xylophones.

But, Jess Klein. God, she's amazing. I see you live in Brooklyn, so if you end up liking her, she plays in nyc a LOT.
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time for a throwback to the 90s (well, somewhat):

sarah mclachlan
alanis morissette
tori amos
paula cole
lisa loeb
chantal kreviazuk
natalie merchant
natalie imbruglia
loreena mckennitt
fiona apple
sarah slean++++
norah jones
diana krall
sinead o'connor
sarah harmer
scout niblett
nelly furtado
joni mitchell
cowboy junkies
holly cole
tegan and sara
regina spektor
death cab for cuties
rufus wainwright
amy winehouse
stevie nicks
dixie chicks
alison krauss
emm gryner
liz phair
leann rimes
meredith brooks ("i'm a bitch...")
savage garden
a fine frenzy
amy grant
the bangles
ani difranco
no doubt
gwen stefani
bif naked
the cranberries
john mayer
damien rice
harry connick junior
toni braxton
everything but the girl
janet jackson
kathleen edwards
gillian welch
emmylou harris
ron sexsmith

my friend's sister, lindsay ferguson.
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How can a thread about awesome girl bands possibly go for 43 responses without a single mention of Sleater Kinney?
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And then I remembered the Go-Go's.
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Yeah, don't know how I could've missed the delightfully fey and unusual Eleanor Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces. Start with Bitter Tea or Blueberry Boat.

Seconding Mirah.

Oh, haha, the funk is strong with Betty Davis. (If I'm in luck, I might just get picked best.)

Hello Blue Roses, uber fey/weird
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edie brickell
veruca salt
yeah yeah yeahs
laura veirs+++
the donnas
the distillers
auf der maur
chicks on speed
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Seconding the Ditty Bops.
Some Mates of State may qualify
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Best answer: rose melberg
pj harvey
marissa nadler
nina nastasia (i got to interview her and she was the nicest, silliest, craziest person ever)

ok i really need to stop and get back to work.
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The Long Blondes
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Estelle and Adelle
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Sorry that should be Adele.
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The Kills, The Like, Florence and the Machine, Be Good Tanyas, Regina Spektor, Ida Maria, Stevie Nicks?
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Best answer: I think I'm catchin' your vibe here. It's not "music by girls" so much as it is music that makes you feel girlie. And so, I give you:

Karen Dalton
Vashti Bunyan
Marine Girls
Any Velvet Underground with Nico singing
Late-era Cars (okay, actually The Cars in any form)
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Best answer: Caribou
El Perro del Mar
The Knife
M83's new record (Saturdays=Youth)
seconding the Rosebuds
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How can a thread about awesome girl bands possibly go for 43 responses without a single mention of Sleater Kinney?

They're not girly? I mean, nobody's mentioned AC/DShe, either.

The Beautiful South, perhaps the girliest all-guy band of all time.

Except for Briana Corrigan (1988-1994), Jacqui Abbott (1994-2001), and Alison Wheeler (2003-2007).
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I think Yé-Yé Girls would hit the spot perfectly. Francoise Hardy and France Gall were mentioned about, but I am absolutely head over heels about Chantal Goya - try 'C'est Bien Bernard' for starters.
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Response by poster: WOW, everyone, I am tickled with the responses. This is fantastic!

Alright, are you trying to get bands that are all girls or bands with girl singers!?

Neither, actually. I listed Antony & the Johnsons in my question and did mention (mayhaps not clearly enough) that "girliness" don't necessarily imply female of any sort. Sometimes I am in the mood for quirky, twee music that I could play while sweeping the stairs of my Victorian brownstone (assuming I owned a Victorian brownstone. Or swept).

I should have listed Regina Spektor on my list, as well as Stereolab, Mirah, and Metric/Emily Haines. And boy do I get psyched whenever "Stay" by Lisa Loeb comes on.

I don't have enough money in my bank account to buy all these albums, so if you guys have specific songs to point me to as well, by all means!
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Response by poster: And KantGoOn, while Sleater-Kinney is one of my all-time favorite bands, they're more toughly womanish than twee and girly, especially in light of their last album. In fact, Corin Tucker would probably kick my ass if she heard I put her on a fey, feminine chick mix CD.
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I can't imagine anything girlier than Stickerbook. They’re enough to make R. Lee Emery break out the My Little Ponies.
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Best answer: Ah, you want Fey or Twee music with an overlap of female singers. Here's some:

Tuscadero—Aside from Heat Lightning, which is a legitimate rocker, they came across as the softer side of Veruca Salt. Lots of songs with central conceits, like comparing the guys they date to candy or board games. Start with the Pink album.

Battershell—If only for the Shower Song, one of the most unabashedly girly indie pop tunes ever.

That Dog—Petra Hayden and her sister started this band in the early '90s, and it's a great cult pop fave.

Belle and Sebastian—You can't get much twee-er, or at least '90s twee-er. Fanciful, baroque pop from Scotland. I like "If You're Feeling Sinister" best, but they get more '70s sunshine on later albums.

Canada—Boys and girls with a cello. Good stuff from sensitive Michigan folks.

We're Twins records—Speaking of sensitive Michigan folk, this is about the twee-est damn label I've found, with a lot of childlike wonder and gleeful amateurism. Check out bands like The Most Dangerous Cat And Mouse Band and And Spiders, along with the off-key country/blues of Kelly Caldwell. Her voice can be an acquired taste, but she milks preciousness out of every syllable.

Saturday Looks Good To Me—Another band that overlaps from the Southeast Michigan scene, their masterpiece is probably All Your Summer Songs (on Polyvinyl Records), an absolutely gorgeous and warm album full of wry cuteness and well-earned melancholy. I just listened to this again and it's still stunning.

The Do—I don't remember the name of their latest album, but it's got girlishness in spades, with occasional detours into plaintive country.
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...oh...another AWESOME girl band, Pretty Girls Make Graves...

I understand about the $$$, I usually go and grab a song or two from here and if the suggestion was good, and i like the tune, i'll make a list and go get it when I have the dough.

Hope this Helps!
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Nothing girlier to bake cupcakes and sweep steps to than Carole King's Tapestry album. I often do Sunday morning baking while listening to that album
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Nearly all of those on your repeat list are on mine too but this list might be a bit too mainstream for you. Still, here goes:

Eva Cassidy
Amos Lee
Annie Lennox
Corinne Bailey Rae
Damien Rice
France Gall
Madeleine Peyroux
Melody Gardot
Rosie Thomas
The Velvet Underground
Adrienne Pierce
Allison Moorer
Victoria Hart
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Catherine Howe

Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies from the Canyon

both Numero releases.
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Twee? I can't believe no one's mentioned the Decemberists. They are Belle & Sebastian-y.
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What a great thread! silverstatue -- thanks for the heads up. I'll try to catch her sometime. Hurrah for Jess Klein fans!

Also Stars
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Tegan and Sara!
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The Blow. Hey Boy is one of the girliest songs I've ever heard, in a fantastic way.
Perhaps also The Boy Least Likely To, which borrows a lot of 60s brit sounds and takes them in good directions. Try Fur Soft As Fur or Be Gentle With Me.
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Nthing Dressy Bessy, seconding Erin McKeown, and surprised no one's mentioned Shonen Knife.


The Handcuffs (formerly Big Hello)
The Lovelies
Save Ferris

(I'm sure I'll think of more later.)
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SUPER girly:
Paper Moon (especially "Mercury Is Clearly Opposing Neptune" and "String of Blinking Lights")
Basia Bulat is just too cute, and her wonderful album, Oh My Darling, was recently shortlisted for Canada's Polaris Prize.

not particularly girly, but two of my favorites, Kristin Hersh (more quirky and fey) and Tanya Donelly (formerly more fey and odd, now more earth mother-ish and sincere). Throwing Muses are still one of the greatest bands of all time, in my opinion.
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Go Sailor!

Here you can listen to some. I like Ray of Sunshine. Some of their music was on the "But I'm a Cheerleader . . ." soundtrack.
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The Delays! More girly than even girls because he's an ephebically arrested tousled blond moppet of a boy.
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Nearer than Heaven

I fixt it.
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Christine Kane
There are a couple of videos here, and more on youtube. The second video is really funny. I think my favorite CD's are Right Out of Nowhere and Rain & Mud & Wild & Green but they're all good. Somebody put this up on youtube, it's her song in honor of all those girls whose boyfriends have to fight it out with the resident menagerie.
If you ever get a chance to see her in person just go.
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Van Dyke Parks and Inara George is my smartest music friend's addition to the list.
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I'm not sure that they're still together, but Call and Response are harmoniously twee.

I listened to Freakwater a lot when I was into Neko Case and other alt-country types.

Keren Ann is folky and chill.
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Kate Rusby: Folky Englishness, sailors, gardens, lost love, pining away. '

This question amuses me because I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that some of these singers are not too girly (Neko Case).
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No one's mentioned Patsy Cline? I don't know if it's exactly "girly" but it's the epitome of "feminine" (for me).
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I like The Bastard Fairies.
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Oh jesus, what about the Pretenders?
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i can't believe i didn't suggest bunnygrunt earlier.

find their cover of descendants' "silly girl"
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Sweetbox - saccharine girly jpop which is much fun to sing along with.

Also the first album by Bic Runga, particularly the song Sway. (I prefer her third album but it's not the feel you're going for)
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Eleni Mandell, over and over again.
Some stuff by Shannon Wright (i.e. Defy this love)
Jen Wood
Kristy London & the Other Halves (you can listen to one of their songs via Mefi Music. So so lovely.)
The Ditty Bops
Big Runga
Sixpence None The Richer
Tara Jane O'Neil
The Murmurs (omg, I LOVED them in high school.)
And have you heard Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine? The perfect album for always.
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Au Revoir Simone
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This may sound like a strange suggestion, but Matthew Sweet's 'Girlfriend' has electric guitars and rocking out, and still some amazingly sweet sentiments. I've had 2 copies stolen by ex-girlfriends over the years...
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What's girlier than Girlyman? Well, lots of things, but they're awesome and fun and what I clean my house to.
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Diane Cluck
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Spoken as a dude who generally isn't into the sort of stuff you're describing, I'm way seconding that dog., especially their last album "Retreat From the Sun, on which they started to throw off their alternagirl trappings and start writing pure pop. Such a good album. Such fun three-girl harmonies. Such solid songwriting.
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In light of Klang's response, I will second Camera Obscura, in the same vein as B&S, but with 97% vocals by the incomparable Tracyanne Campbell.
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Suzanne Vega
Natalie Merchant
Jane Siberry
KD Lang
KT Oslin
Bonnie Rait
Linda Ronstadt
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Over The Rhine is a favorite of mine.
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the finches!
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Has no-one mentioned Neko Case solo? Astonishing voice. Maybe sparrow always makes me swoon.

And seconding 'Alright, this time just the the girls'. I got it four years ago and it's never been far from the player since.
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(Some of these have stupid homemade/unofficial YouTube videos...just ignore that. I just link them so you can hear the songs. Any links mean you can hear a decent song for free in its entirety, or the whole album!)

.Francoise Hardy
.Asobi Seksu
.Edith Frost. "Temporary Loan," "Cars and Parties," hell I forget...
.The Organ, who sound like Blondie mixed with a bunch of known 80s pop synth bands...
.Kristin Hersh. My favorites are Hips and Makers and Strange Angels.
.Lisa Germano (that "dresses" video isn't the way I remember the song...I like the one I have on record way better)
.Seconding Neko Case. I didn't care for the New Pornographers so it took me a long time to realize I'd criminally overlooked her solo stuff. "No Need To Cry," "Deep Red Bells," "Tightly," "Pretty Girls," "Things That Scare Me," "Stinging Velvet" (and all of Blacklisted--what a great freaking album, and ideal for staying indoors knitting and drinking tea on cold dark rainy days), "Knock Loud," "If You Knew"...the list just goes on.
.Connie Francis. Peggy Lee--my favorite of hers is "I'm Beginning To See The Light"
.Jenny Toomey. Her collection of songs by Franklin Bruno is excellent. My favorites songs are "Breezewood, PA" and "Just Because It's Dying." What a great lady.
.Low, Mimi-oriented songs.
.Shannon Wright/Crowsdell. I like "Floorpile" and "Twilight Hall." Check out Flightsafety.
.The Concretes. Very retro girly sounds.
.The Supremes! The Ronettes.
.Dusty Springfield
.Helium. The Dirt Of Luck, the Pirate Prude E.P., and the Superball E.P.
.early Cat Power--What Would The Community Think? and Myra Lee. Her Hank Williams cover kills me.
.The Spinanes and Rebecca Gates' solo E.P. Ruby Series
.early Liz Phair. Pleeeease don't be put off by new Liz Phair--check out her Girlysounds (ha! see?) era stuff, the Juvenilia E.P., Exile in Guyville, and Whip-smart. "Dead Shark," "Easy," "Batmobile," "Strange Loop," "Stratford-on-Guy," etc.
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The Sundays. (It's like The Smiths doused in corn syrup and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar!)

Cocteau Twins.

Antena. (Dark and loungey.)

Cub. (Classic Cuddlecore!)

I'm going to see Deerhoof this very night, so I'll go ahead and suggest them too.

If you like Julie Doiron, you'll probably like the woman for whom Rick White (speaking of whom, buy all of his albums, and Eric's Trip, and Elevator) dumped her: Tara S'Appart.
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Oh, and Cannanes.
posted by Sys Rq at 12:51 PM on July 19, 2008

Oh, and The Organ.
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And of course the Anglo version of Yelle is Peaches.

And how about Jane Siberry?

Or, like, Patti Smith, even?
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Kate Nash
Eleanor McEvoy
Abra Moore
Kate Walsh
Bush, The Tree and Me
Stacey Kent
Lisa Ekdahl
Eva Katzler. Particularly Eva Katzler.
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Sorry, forgot Julie Delpy and if you're really going in that direction Minnie Driver and get hold of the 'Happy Endings' film soundtrack for three amazing chunks of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
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I just thought about Leslie Gore. An oldie but a goodie.
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The Nields!

Also seconding Cub and Tegan and Sara.
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The Softies. Couldn't find a YouTube link, but they're on itunes. I like "Best Days".
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Nina Simone
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I love Voice of the Beehive.
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Some aussie girls:

Clare Bowditch
Sarah Blasko
Holly Throsby
little birdy
george (half the songs have a male singer, but all are beautiful)
Missy Higgins
New Buffalo
The Audreys
Blue King Brown
Killing Heidi

If you like crowded house, this is an awesome album of covers.
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someone already said it, but The Blow.
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Search for these artists at The Hype Machine or YouTube. Some might fit the bill.

Anais Mitchell
Emiliana Torrini
Russian Red
The Weepies
Elizabeth Mitchell
The Pierces
Mary O. Harrison
Monkey Swallows The Universe
Bona Chica
Kimya Dawson
Lavender Diamond
Michael Leviton
Samantha Crain
Stina Nordenstam
The Harvey Girls
posted by various at 5:22 PM on July 23, 2008

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