Time travel with an iPhone
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How do I deal with new iPhone calendaring weirdness? Bonus difficulty: live in one timezone, work in another.

I'm having not so much fun figuring out how to deal with my Exchange calendaring issues on my new iPhone 3G. I'm syncing using an Exchange server, but here's the issue: I live in Central Time, but work in Eastern. The server is in eastern time, while my phone roams from one to the other as I go to and from work.

Here's what I've been able to see so far:

Create an event for 1pm on my iPhone while in Central time: event stays at 1pm even when I cross the timeline on the phone, but shows up for 2pm on Outlook on my computer.

Create an event for 1pm on my Outlook PC while at work in Eastern Time: syncs to my iPhone (which is ALSO IN EASTERN TIME) at 12pm (noon).

It's like my phone is permanently on Central time, and my computer is obviously on Eastern, and everything is crossing wires as they sync. The phone is currently set to automatically set time/date, but I tried setting it manually to Eastern and it didn't change anything.

I didn't have this problem with my last phone (windows mobile), so I'm sure it's the iPhone trying to fix things for me...but how the heck to I stop this behavior?

Everything else (email and contacts) are syncing beautifully. The phone, in every other respect, is marvelous and wonderful.

Creative solutions welcome!
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Best answer: On your iPhone go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Time Zone Support (down near the bottom). Is Time Zone Support ON or OFF? What Time Zone is currently selected?

When Time Zone Support is ON event date & times are shown in the time zone that is selected for calendars. With it OFF events are shown in the time zone of your current location. There is a similar option in iCal (for more info see this link if you're on a mac) and me.com (in Calendar > gear > Preferences > Advanced).

If you want events on the iPhone to appear at different times depending on your current location, you want to turn Time Zone Support OFF.
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Response by poster: Holy awesome hand grenade, Batman! How did I miss that setting in all my searches?

Richard: Thank you!
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