NYC Esat Village sidewalk paint
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On a random walk through the East Village in NYC last night, we came across a line of paint on the sidewalk. It went from Tompkins park down Ave B. to 4th St, over to 1st Ave, up to 10th or 11th street and then we lost it. This was not a line painted with a bush or a machine. It was random and wiggly - kind of like someone punched a hole in a paint can and let it drip as they walked around the neighborhood. The line is peach colored. Then we found that it continues at Astor Place and Stuyvesant Street. What does this line mean?? Why was it painted? Where does it go?
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I don't know why it's there, but a green one like that appeared in Park Slope a year or so ago. It squiggles a few blocks on 8th av and then up to the park where it twirls in a circle a few times before vanishing.
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FYI, you've got a couple typos in your tags there.
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It was probably Momo's project two years ago in which he tagged the entire width of Manhattan with his name. Looking at the map, the line of paint matches with your description of the location..
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suedehead has it, it's momo's work. part of my dog walk route is on this, so i see it every day!
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Woo hoo! Thanks!
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Oh my gosh I've seen this countless times and have tried to follow it hoping it would lead somewhere to no avail! Thanks for solving this mystery!!!!
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