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NYCFilter...Looking for some bars in the East and West Village...

Heading to NYC tomorrow for a 21st birthday celebration, and we are looking for any cool bars to go to in the West and East Village. We are planning on bar hopping around those areas. Please help with the best places to go!
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There's no shortage of bars in the East Village or West Village. The East Village probably has more bars and would be more fun for celebrating a 21st birthday.

You should start your evening at Panna II on 1st Ave. It's an Indian restaurant decorated floor to ceiling in Christmas tree lights. If the decor doesn't blow your mind, you can easily add to the effect since it's BYOB.

Avenue A has a lot of bars, but Niagara and Sing Sing (karaoke) seem to be good spots for a 21st birthday. B Bar on Bowery and E. 4th has a large outdoor area. Continental on 3rd Ave at St. Mark's has 5 shots for $10.

Have fun!
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adding Ace Bar to the above list.
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This really depends on your definition of "cool." There are all sorts of bars in those neighborhoods. What are you looking for? Fun cocktails? Cheap beer? Things to do in the bar, like games or something?
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Seconding the question about what you are looking for, if you are looking for more upscale cocktail environment try:
Angel's Share (no parties larger than 4)
Death and Company (no parties larger than 7)

For more of a party atmosphere you might want to check out Lit particularly the cavelike downstairs.

Like punk rock? try Manitobas

you probably can't go wrong with Ace Bar though.
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I think she is looking for some cheap beer, I like a good cocktail personally. No games or anything like that though.
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While you might get lucky since it's the peak of summer (and many people are away), you are likely to need to wait (perhaps quite a bit) at Angel's Share or Death & Co., unless you go quite early. Also, neither place is cheap. They are both great places — just wanted to add those caveats.

For beer, check out Zum Schneider (Ave. C & 7th). Surprisingly good German food as well. More upscale around the corner are Grape & Grain (wine bar)/Against the Grain (beer). Can be crowded, and Against the Grain is very tiny.

Other beer options: Burp Castle (very eclectic beer selection), Peculier Pub (huge selection), Vol de Nuit (Belgian), Blind Tiger (tons on tap, and also right across the street from John's of Bleecker, a perennial contender for best pizza in the city). If you truly want cheap and divey (and want a crowd that will definitely be in your age range), try Blue and Gold. You could also try squeezing into the narrow confines of International Bar.

If you decide you want to spend a lot of money on very serious, hand-crafted cocktails, try Cienfuegos (rum-themed) or Mayahuel (tequila-themed).
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Oh, sorry, you said you are going tomorrow, as in Sunday? Then you should have no problem getting in anywhere.
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