Quick! Outdoor NYC spot for beer
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It is a beautiful post-hurricane day here in NYC. I would like to celebrate not flooding by getting a beer and drinking it outdoors. Quick, recommend me a bar in the next hour or so!

Despite living in the East Village for nearly ten years, I don't have a good sense of bars with good patio areas, since I tend to be an indoorsy, lurk at the bar kind of person. But I'm in a mood for sunshine today. Where should I go that has a good tap list and I can get some fresh air after being cooped up all weekend?

East Village is preferred, but I'm open to other suggestions below 34th on the east side.
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2nd Avenue between 5th and 7th has a bunch of bars with patios. I don't know their names. They're just "those bars with patios on 2nd avenue between 5th and 7th"

Burp Castle on 7th between 2nd and 3rd has outdoor seating.
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Beer + East Village + sit outdoors = Zum Schneider, 7th and C.
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Ninth Ward
Boxcar Lounge
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I love Burp Castle, but its outdoor seating is... a creative interpretation of the concept of outdoor seating.

Revival is a good call; Cloister Cafe is kind of snooty but has a beautiful and uncrowded vine-covered patio, and Yaffa Cafe has a pretty nice, big space out back.
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If you don't mind jumping on the train for five minutes to go to unwashed Williamsburg, Berry Park has my favorite rooftop bar in New York, as well as a great view of the skyline.
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Oh, and if you're willing to go below Houston, Loreley has a great selection of tasty German beer.
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Zum Schneider at 7th and Ave. C has tables on the street and has wonderful beer.
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Best answer: DBA is a great outdoor space with a great bar. Zum Schneider is fine on a Monday - on weekends, a bit fratty.
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A great bar with a great outdoor space, even...
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Actually though, if I were looking for a drink outdoors, I'd head to Les Enfants Terribles. Also below Houston (also far away from NYU).
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Response by poster: Oh man, I've been to d.b.a. several times and had no idea it had outdoor space. I thought that was a special thing the Williamsburg location had! Guess it's because it's always the weekend when I'm there and too crowded to get that far back. I love that place, so that's where I'll go! Hopefully it won't be too crowded on a Monday.

The other suggestions are great and are noted for future drinking excursions. Thanks for the quick response, all!

(And yeah, Burp Castle's 'outdoor seating' is highly questionable. But half of the fun of Burp Castle for me is sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender and other patrons.)
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Response by poster: Only downside to outdoors at d.b.a: LOTS of smokers. But maybe this is a common thing at bar outdoor spaces. Still, just what the doctor ordered!
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