Quick! Eastside quiet whiskey bar.
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I live in New York. I'd like to drink a nice glass of whiskey or three after work today. I want to do it somewhere quiet. I live in the East Village, so would like it to be somewhere close to there. Any suggestions?
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It's on the LES, but a friend of mine who loves his fine whiskey just celebrated his birthday here. He definitely enjoyed himself, and it was really chill for Friday night at a bar (we were there about 6:30-8.)
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I would go to DBA, I think it's on the bottom of 2nd at 1st? Anyway, I went there for a stiff drink after a job interview once. It's quiet around 4 but insanely busy at night (I tried to go back on a weekend evening- no way.)

I was wrong with both spelling and address but link has both. d.b.a on 1st at 2nd.
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DBA is quiet on weekdays before 8pm. In the summer they have a garden out back which is usually much calmer.
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My hardcore whiskey drinking friends love Idle Hands. But I can't speak to what it would be like in the early evening.
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my favorite late-afternoon quiet-bar is Lakeside Lounge, near Thompkins Square Park.
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As Gripus mentioned Whiskey Ward is pretty good. You might not want to go every night but you should check out Brandy Library look at the whisky menu
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+1 again for Whiskey Ward. It can get a little rowdy on weekend nights though...
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I like Whiskey Tavern down in Chinatown for an after-work drink; the same folks own Whiskey Town in the East Village.
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Response by poster: Oh, man, I went to Whiskey Ward like six years ago and completely forgot it existed. And am so used to thinking of d.b.a. as a beer place I forgot about its excellent brown likker selection. Thanks, y'all!
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Is Williamsburg too far for you to venture? If not, try Noorman's Kil. Opened this summer. It's a pretty laid back place.
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Hudson Bar and Books is where I go when I'm in town - plenty of lovely selections. Lovely. Plenty. Oh God I wish there was one of those here.
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Response by poster: I totally ended up just buying a bottle of Knob Creek and going home and playing Mass Effect, BUT THESE ARE NOTED FOR LATER.
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