Hey, Mister! Ya Wanna Rent a CHICKEN?
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Obscure Cartoon Filter: "Hey mister! Ya wanna rent a CHICKEN?!"

This is a short cartoon from my childhood. We had a copy of it on a VHS (taped from TV), and I have no other information about it. I can't find any information about it. Please help me find it again!

It's not very long, and it looks kind of hand drawn. The story is about a guy who's driving in his own car, when this truck filled to the brim with cages of rowdy chickens pulls up beside him. The guy driving sticks his head out of the truck and yells, "Hey, mister! Ya wanna rent a CHICKEN!?" The guy says no, no he does not want to rent a chicken. The truck driver keeps bugging him about it, as the guy tries to get away. (I think) it ends with the guy finally acquiescing and renting a chicken.

Any ideas? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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It sounds vaguely familiar, like one of the more obscure Warner Bros. cartoons from the late 1930's...the "Wanna rent a chicken?" line sounds an awful lot like a parody (or rip off) of Joe Penner's famous catch phrase "Wanna buy a duck?", which, again is what makes me think this comes from Warner Bros. since their cartoon staff was so gifted at parody, especially in the time period when this would have been funny. Or when it would have been more funny than it is now.
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Bizarrely, one of my friends owns rentachicken.com, which is his photo website. There's a link on the front page you can use to email him and ask him if he knows.
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OK, well, I asked my friend with the rentachicken.com domain about it and he said...
Strange. I've no idea what thats about. The rentachicken domain is purely the result of reading a list of domains registered during the dot com era that had recently expired, combined with being slightly worse for drink at the time.
Sorry for the blind alley...
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