Help me find the right laptop bag
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I'm in love with these bags but can't find one that fits my needs - help me find something similar to this thats fit for a laptop.

I've conducted an exhaustive search online of mens messenger bags - i've also searched MetaFilter and none of the suggestions are quite right for me. I consider myself picky, maybe i just hate settling on things im not in love with.

I really like the style of bags by QWISTION but none of them fit my needs - they're either too big, too small or too feminine. I need a messenger like bag to carry my 15" MBP, a notebook or 2 and small things like an ipod, pens, etc. mostly to work. Typical shoulder bags look frumpy and/or aren't refined and classy enough. Leather bags seem too un-me/stuffy. So it seems a canvas, nylon, leather combo is a good fit.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Hmmmm... If you like ones with a detachable laptop sleeve, why not just buy a bag you like at an appropriate size, and purchase a separate sleeve?
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I bought the Oxio Sheenko bag because it met all the criteria you mentioned above. You might like it or some of their other laptop cases. Although, I have to admit, I went back to my Timbuk2 because it worked better for riding my bike.

Good luck, the perfect bag can be elusive.
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Jack Spade's waxwear bags have a similar style and use similar materials. For 2008, the Slim Turnpike and Swiss Briefs are particularly slick. The materials in the Luggage Gabardine and Crown Twill series are very nice if you can find them in a local store.

Acme Made just launched their Courier Bag. The Italian Natural Canvas fabric and Black Vulcanized (rubberized) Canvas fabric are very slick but still manly.

The booq laptop bags are a good mix of functional/technical design and professional appearance without looking too casual dotcom-ish.

For pure professional, TUMI is common place but frankly, I don't like their designs at all. Briggs & Riley's @Work line looks better IMO. Try the Ballistic Mini Computer Brief.

If the above are over your budget, the STM messengers look slick and are pretty cheap. They use synthetics instead of leather, canvas, etc but when you just look at them, they look much more expensive.
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New fan of Tom Bihn here. They sell a variety of styles of laptop bags, plus modular protective cases for laptops that interlock with the bags.
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Mandarina Duck makes some pretty cool bags. They are a little pricier but standing out from the crowd with style usually costs a little more.
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My search for a guy-friendly messenger bag for DSLRs led me to this, which wasn't sufficient for my camera needs but looks like it could work well for your use, save for the inability to turn into a backpack. It fit my laptop quite well.
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I purchased the Jack Spade waxwear laptop field bag in March after wondering past a particularly unforgiving reflective building and coming to the harsh realization that my old bag made me look like a complete and total retard.

Please, please ... Please, never add a company provided bag to your personal wardrobe.

I've been called "bag savvy" by my more discriminating and attractive female friends.

I can't recommend the Jack Spade waxwear laptop field bag enough.

To quote Ferris Buller "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up"
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I dig Alchemy Goods, but I'm not sure where they hit on your style barometer.

I also think these former firehose bags from Germany are very sexy.
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