all this art is making me hungry!
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Where is a nice place for lunch near the Brooklyn museum?
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There is some OK food in the museum itself. Otherwise, walk across the street and down Washington Ave. It depends what kind of food you like. Here's a reasonably accurate list. Lots of good Caribbean food available.
I think Cafe Shane is pretty good for more American cuisine. The best place though is Tom's, although you may have to wait for a table on a Saturday (and they are closed Sunday). It is old- fashioned American lunch counter/diner food, which I guess doesn't suit everyone. The place hasn't changed much since the 1930s, it's really a treat. Get a cherry lime rickey.
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If it's a nice day, walk next door to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and have a nice outdoor lunch at their Terrace Cafe, and then check out the most lovely rose garden ever.
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From cushie's list, The Islands (Café/Restaurant)
803 Washington Avenue 718-398-3575 is very good
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Chavella's serves yummy and somewhat unusual Mexican food.
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Abigail's Cafe & Wine Bar (NY Magazine review) recently opened at Classon Avenue & St John's Place, a five minute walk from the museum. I was there on Tuesday, and it was still BYOB, if that's a concern. Also, seconding Cheryl's, which is a little closer to the museum.
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I used to work at the museum, so I've been around the various blocks. Cheryl's is indeed great, and the cafes of both the Museum and the Botanic Garden are nothing to sneeze at. A new Thai place, Udom, just opened relatively close (I'm amazed by those negative Yelp reviews, it's been fantastic every time I've gone, and the lunch special is insanely cheap.) There's also Teddy's for excellent Greek food.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'm going to give Cheryl's a try.
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