Taking a client out to lunch in Beautiful Downtown Burbank
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Just got a new gig, and want to take some potential clients to a nice lunch after a facility tour. The new gig is in Burbank, and in my experience cuisine in Burbank is limited to Frontier Wok, chain restaurants and Ikea meatballs. Please help me with suggestions of good Burbank and Burbank-adjacent restaurants for client lunches. Bonus points for healthy places where fitness-oriented clients can feel at home.
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It wouldn't be for everyone - are any of your clients older, from out of town, with a quirky sense of humor and an interest in television? For years, Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon used to make jokes about the Burbank Sizzler. It's not fine dining, but - if you were to offer to take me there, I would be totally into it.

I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but when I saw the title to your question, the first thing that came to my mind was the Sizzler. I'll bet you a dollar that I'm not the only one.
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Ooooh, I suggest Granville!
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Seconding Granville! Gordon Biersch is another decent option. There is also Adana, technically in Glendale but quite close to Burbank.
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Yeah, I was going to suggest Granville as well (although it does get pretty loud in there if they're busy.) Wild Carvery is also good and their salads are quite tasty, if that would help with your healthy requirement.
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I'll second Wild Carvery.
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What part of Burbank? There are good options in Toluca Lake on Riverside and Moorpark, if you're down by the studios. Also, NoHo Arts District has a few options if you're near that area. If you're up for a trip into Studio City, Katsu-Ya on Ventura is one of the better sushi options in all of LA and also where I've seen more celebrities than anywhere else, if that figures into it.
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We were just in town and had a nice dinner at Market City Caffe downtown. They have a bunch of pasta and fried calamari and all that, but they also have an antipasto bar with interesting options, and the menu looked pretty comprehensive. I had a salmon pasta that was quite tasty.
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You should post this on the L.A. board of chowhound.com.
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Response by poster: I'd be willing to go as far east as Hot Wings Cafe in Glendale, as far west as Pitfire Pizza in NoHo, as far south as Miceli in Universal City and as far north as Outback in Burbank. (But I definitely wouldn't be going to any of those places.)
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Momotaro is close and should fit the bill.
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