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6 years ago, you helped me pick a new style of glasses and I followed the advice therein to get my current pair. Help me find my next pair, Hivemind!

My current pair have lasted through a couple Rx changes, but are starting to show signs of age. Time for a new set of frames.
Here are current pictures: With Glasses and Without Glasses.

Here are my requirements:
  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Orderable by my local optician
Bonus points for including photo proof.

(Why am I not searching for myself? I have terrible fashion sense certainly as far as glasses are concerned and looking at your suggestions last time was lots of fun and super helpful.)
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Wow I think we had the same glasses! With my next pair I was highly advised to not go "frameless" as their style window has passed. RIP.

is a fashionable line that I like - lightweight and durable, masculine, classy but still kinda tech-y. Designed in Denmark, made in Japan.
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+1 to more solid frames are back in. How about trying the Warby Parker system where you get them sent to you to for free try on (up to 6 pairs, I think) and then you can send them back? Or just browse the Warby Parker site to get a sense of what styles are in right now.

You can then go find a similar pair at your own optician (or take the Warby frame to your optician to be fitted).

They also have a "virtual try-on" feature where you upload a pic but I'm not sure how well it works.

You're a handsome dude so I bet you can pull off a lot of different shapes, but I think I'd want to see you try on some rectangular ones like this or this or many of the others. That seems like it would be more flattering than a rounder shape, on you.
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Funnily, I was just thinking that your old, old wire frames were kind of a good idea. I think the gold was good on you but a more classic shape - like the round frames linked here - would be nice.

It seems like you tend to want to keep your frames a long time, so you want something very classic. (Me, I would probably change every six months if I could afford it.)

Shuron makes the classic browline frame that has been so very, very fashionable for the past few years. (Well, they actually also make a lot of to me very dated late seventies styles.) It's past it's peak, but it never really goes out of style and it comes back into fashion every few years. Shurons are made in the US, come in a ridiculous number of widths and are extremely cheap for good-quality, US-made frames. Any optician can order them. They have some smaller browline frames and some Rayban-like ones as well. They're easy to work with and will sell you the frames direct if for some reason your optician can't get them.

Anglo American frames are very high quality. They are made in small batches and come from England so it usually takes about four weeks to get them in, but they're gorgeous frames - deep color, well-finished, well proportioned. The AA406 and the Fitz strike me as particularly classic and well proportioned frames.

A thing to consider - what size are your current glasses? If your optician is just ordering based on what you ask for, you need to be sure to ask for glasses in the right size (more or less). What size are your current frames? (With luck, this will be visible in small numbers on the arm of your glasses.)
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