Great brunch/lunch spot in Charleston, SC?
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Great brunch/lunch spot in Charleston, SC?

Friends and I are running the Charleston 1/2 marathon next weekend, we're looking for a good place to have a celebratory lunch/brunch.

We are foodies (on a budget, of course), though the only real requirements are that the food is good and we are able to get a mimosa or a beer.

Other suggestions welcome for breakfast/lunch/dinner/late night spots as we will be staying the weekend, as well as other must-see/must-do activities. But after 13.1 miles, a good meal and a cold adult beverage is really important!
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For whatever it's worth, Charleston is a city full of great dining options. I'm going to be a bad MeFite, and not answer the question directly, but I spent 3 days there last year, and loved every single meal that I consumed.
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I work at the Daniel Island location, but Sermet's Corner (at the corner of King and Wentworth downtown) is pretty good. Not a brunch really though unless you're willing to wait until the day after the event at hit the Daniel Island location on Sunday.
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Was just there over Christmas and had an amazing meal at Husk.
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Hominy Grill has pretty great breakfast food, but it has gotten a lot of press so now you have to wait in a crowd of ill-mannered Yankees in order to eat there. You might also want to check this and this and this.
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Seconding Hominy Grill. Worth the wait (and Yankees) anytime!
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We were just there between Christmas and New Year and were pleasantly surprised at the amazing food we had in Charleston. I think the perfect spot to meet your requirement is Tattooed Moose, which is not far from the Historic Downtown. They have Sunday Brunch and being a bar, have all manners of alcohol. From the regular menu, we had the duck club sandwich, duck-fat fried french fries, the beef brisket sandwich and chicken wings - all good especially the duck club (this link has other eating places in Charleston which you might like too). We wish we were there for the brunch! The menu looked delicious, but I can't find it online.

We did go to Husk and Hominy Grill as well and love both but Tattooed Moose is probably the least expensive. Charleston is amazing for food!
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Drive over the bridge to Shem Creek and eat at ANY of the restaurants along the wharf.
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A few years ago I ate at Magnolia's at a post-wedding brunch. It was pretty delicious, and they were PACKED, so apparently it's a popular place. Brunch is only Sundays, but lunch is any day of the week.
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We love Rue de Jean for brunch (and any other meal).

Also highly recommend High Cotton, and it looks like they have a great Sunday brunch (but I've never had it).

It's hard to go wrong in Charleston (or any of the surrounding communities - Mount Pleasant, Folly Beach, etc).
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I currently live in Charleston (and have for 6 years or so), and I have to agree with what most people are saying: There are a ton of killer restaurants around. Many of them have brunch specials that are Sunday's only, so that might be a bit of a pain, but many places that have brunch on Sunday are also breakfast places, so you'll probably be ok.

Hominy Grill is definitely a solid choice, but it will be packed like a madhouse after the race on Saturday (and pretty much every Saturday). So damned good, but the wait will be fairly long.

Sweetwater Cafe is tasty and diner-ish, but I don't think they have booze. Saffron's also has good breakfast things, as well as a coffee bar (and they will def. have mimosa's). Service can be a bit off, and sometimes the food takes a while, but the space is large and the staff is generally nice. After the Cooper River Bridge Run in April it usually packed for four hours or so (I know, I used to wait tables there).

Non breakfast places downtown (ie, lunch) are out the wazoo. The Mellow Mushroom on King St. downtown does good pizza, and usually has at least 10-12 beers on draft (they change every 2 weeks or so), including some local brews. Yo Burrito is good, if seemingly franchise-y, Mexican. I have heard nothing but raves about Alluettes Cafe but haven't gotten over there yet. All local, fresh, vegetarian dishes/ingredients, from what I understand.

Off of the peninsula, the first thing that pops into my head is the The Fat Hen on John's Island. I went there for breakfast/brunch a while back, and the creme-brulee french toast is out of control delicious. And as three blind mice said above, it would be hard to go wrong hanging out on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant. There are about 7 or 8 bars/restaurants on the inlet. If you're lucky you might even see porpoises.

I could go on, but you get the gist. These are all reasonable/cheaper places as well. Husk, Magnolia's, High Cotton--I hear nothing but good things, but all out of my price range (although the Bar at Husk is pretty cool. As is The Belmont, for hanging out/drinks later on that evening)! Let me know if you want any specifics about things.

Best of luck in the half!!
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Oh, and if you are at all interested in beer, stop in at the Charleston Beer Exchange while you are in town. The guys there are great, and really know their brews.
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Cru Cafe. I went in October 2010.
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