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So where would you go to lunch with an old friend in or around Hagerstown, MD?

I am planning to get together with an old college friend and Hagerstown is about half way between where we each live. Where could we go and sit and have a leisurely, tasty lunch? I am not really interested in any place we'd have to dress for, but I do want good food.

I'd be willing to consider Frederick or Sheperdstown, WV but it would be farther for me.
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The Grill at Park Circle is in an excellent location in Hagerstown, right by the City Park. You could take a walk through the park and enjoy the scenery, such as the lake with ducks and swans, before or after your lunch. The dinner fare has a wide selection, including crabcakes, baby back ribs, filet mignon, cajun and tequila chicken, and pasta dishes. The lunch menu is a bit lighter. Wherever you end up going, have a great time with your old friend.
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My wife and I recently stopped (completely randomly) at Fratelli Pizza about a week ago, and their pizza was outstanding - it's a cute little place and reasonably priced. It's about 3 minutes off of 70.
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Brewer's Alley in downtown Frederick is nice for lunch. If you'd be content with just coffee and snacks, Frederick Coffee Company or Beans and Bagels are also nice places in downtown Frederick.
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Wow, I've driven through so many times and still never been to any place but the big outlet mall off 70 and the Sheetz.. :) If you do opt for Frederick, Brewer's Alley is nice, seconding that.
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For the size of the city, Frederick has a lot of excellent restaurants.

My vote goes strongly to The Tasting Room, at the corner of W. Church St. and N. Market St. I've been around a bit, but I had the best meal of my life there.

Isabella's is a half a block from The Tasting Room and is also excellent.

Others have mentioned Brewer's Alley, which has never disappointed me. G. Hunter's is owned my the same people as Brewer's Alley and is great. It does not have the ambience of the downtown Frederick establishments, but since it's about three minutes off of I-70W, it's about 15 minutes closer to Hagerstown when you consider parking, etc.

If you like authentic German food, Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown has a very reputation. I've never eaten there.
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Schmankerl Stube has excellent, authentic German food.
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In my post (two above) above I meant to say that Schmankerl Stube has a really good reputation.
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In Shepherdstown WV there is the Yellow Brick Bank. Excellent, not expensive, and afterwards there's potential shopping. The main street is lined with interesting little shops. You can walk off those calories along the C&O canal. There's very good ice cream a few miles away in downtown Antietam. Yellow Brick Bank would be my first pick.

Isabella's in Frederick would be our second choice, given your constraints. Frederick is quite stroll-worthy. You can get good bread and very good gelato at ....... a place near Shab Square (I think that's the name).

I've never known anybody who ate at Schmankerl Stube so all I know is its good reputation.

Is Berkeley Springs WV in range? A charming small town with a range of restaurant options.

If you're going to one of the small towns, better check to see that your restaurant is open that day for lunch.
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