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DallasBachelorPartyFilter: Im attending a bachelor party this Saturday night in Dallas. Most of the guys attending are in there late 20's and early 30's. Please help me gather a list of bars (Not clubs), that would be fun to start the night out and of course we will be ending the night with a visit to a few strip clubs so i need a list of those that would be recommended also.
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I recently attended a bachelor party that started at The Londoner, went to Greenville Ave (visiting many random bars up and down the street), and ended up at Baby Dolls (dollar for dollar the best place in Dallas). Lee Harvey's would also make a good starting place.
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I came in here to suggest Lee Harvey's, too. But since I'm new to the area, that's all I've got.
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start off at Hooters.
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I agree with Uncle J. Lower Greenville Ave is the best place to find a concentration of diverse bars. If you start at Yale or Dyer (Barley House, Green Elephant, Across the Street, etc) and head south, you've got solid bars (Stan's Blue Note, Dubliner, etc) down to Henderson (Gezellig, Libertine, The Cavern, etc). If you like slightly fancier places, you could then head west on Henderson (Old Monk), then south on McKinney to Uptown (Gingerman, Idle Rich, The Quarter). Further south for Lee Harvey's (out of the way but worth it; maybe start there and head north), or north up 35 for the strip clubs (near Northwest Highway you've got Baby Dolls, Spearmint Rhino, etc.).
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This is exactly what i was looking for ....Thanks!
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Seconding Greenville Ave.
Try The Clubhouse - they were very nice last bachelor party I attended!
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You can also hit up Expo Park area, beginning with food and drinks at Meridian Room, then wander down to Fallout Lounge, and then on down the street to Doublewide... my pick for the strip club would either be Jaguar's or the Clubhouse, as they are completely nude and will put your soon-to-be-married friend in the stocks and have all the nude girls take turns paddling him.

Hell, I'm a girl, and I did it. the girls at Jaguars and the Clubhouse are more rock-and-roll and less Pamela Anderson knockoffs; a lot of cool, interesting girls work there. At the Clubhouse, for $50 they'll get right in front of you and bathe each other naked in a shower with glow-in-the-dark soap... and give you a shirt with an imprint of their boobs on it.

Also, entrance is $20 and it's byob... if you're looking for more bang for your buck, why go to a regular strip club that's going to charge $10 for a drink? screw that. Take your own, and save money for lap dances from completely naked girls.

Feel free to memail me if you want more info. I've lived here forever and know the city extremely well.
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If you need help deciding, there are writeups for most or all of these places at guidelive.com, dallasobserver.com, and pegasusnews.com (except maybe the strip clubs, but I think Unicorn told you all you need to know).
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There's seriously a bar in Dallas called Lee Harvey's? I know that Memphis would have a fit if a James Earl's opened up (even if they said it was named after James Earl "Jimmy" Carter.
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Barcadia on Henderson is a good starting point for a bunch of guys. It's a bar with a wall full of classic arcade games.

And Frank Grimes: We also had a place called "The Ruby Room" until recently. Complete with a massive framed photo of Oswald being shot on the wall.
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