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Laundromat in Ann Arbor, MI or surrounding area that accepts credit cards?

The bank screwed up and didn't send the PIN when I got a new ATM card. I live nowhere near a branch for my bank. It'll be 3-5 days before the envelope containing my PIN (which I ordered tonight) arrives. I am cashless until then. And all my clothes are dirty. They're loaded in my car and ready to go to the laundromat, but unless there's a place more technologically advanced than Mr. Stadium around here somewhere, I won't be able to use the washers and dryers. So does any body know of a laundromat in Ann Arbor (or even the surrounding towns- I'm willing to drive, I think) that accepts payment by credit card? Please help. I'm out of underwear.
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I'm out of underwear.

If you can't locate a laundromat to meet your needs, maybe you could use your credit card to buy a new package of underwear at a nearby store? That'll at least get you by. Good luck!
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Go to a grocery store, buy something small like a candy bar, and get cashback on your credit card purchase? Most of the grocery stores around where I live, and other stores like Target, will let you get $20 or more cash.
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Indyz--while I am a huge proponent of the cash-back-to-avoid-ATM-fee scheme, I don't believe this will work if the OP doesn't know her PIN. As far as I know, you can only do cash back on debit (not credit card) purchases, and debits require your PIN.
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- Wash your underwear in the sink. Really, it ain't hard.
- Wait, if you have a car, can't you drive to the nearest branch? Googlemaps is your friend.

- If you are really, truly unable to resolve this issue by Thursday ... heck. I'll meet you downtown and give you quarters. Why not? You get your laundry, and I will get the best story about meeting a complete stranger from the internet ever. "Oh, no, we didn't know each other, but you see, he needed to do his laundry..."

Or we could have a spontaneous Ann Arbor Mefite mini-meetup. Come on, guys!
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Btw, on reread - I absolutely didn't mean to make your dilemma sound so trivial in my first two suggestions. Sorry about that! I do hope you can solve this, via sneaky Mefi meetup for quarter transfer or otherwise.
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bettafish, my dilemma is way trivial in the grand scheme of things. Didn't mean to sound all dramatic. The nearest branch of my bank (USBank) is in, like, Cincinnati. Unfortunately I don't have the time for that kind of commute. I'm in for the meetup- I'll start a tab at Connor's- on my credit card!- or elsewhere to pay you back for the quarters.
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Why, I just happen to be in Ann Arbor till Thursday evening. I'll gladly throw in a few bucks for your laundry.
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There are two Hick's cleaners. I would expect them to take credit cards, since they do dryclean stuff as well as laundry.
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hey, I can pitch in some cash too! Mini meetup wednesday after work?
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I can't do Wednesday, ulotrichous, I have a doctor's appointment, and then dinner with friends of the family. :/ (for for the doctor part, not the dinner part.)
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I won't be available Thursday until sometime after 9:30, which, for you 9-5 folks might be a little late. Wednesday I have the day off, so any time works.
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Well, I can certainly bow out, but count me in to any sequels.
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Can I paypal a quarter to the laundry fund? Alas, too far distant to make the meet-up.

(back on topic -- if you find a "wash & fold" service, they may not take credit cards, but will usually take a cheque).
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I am not in Ann Arbor but I just love the direction this thread has taken. What about using a Wash-N-Fold service that launders your clothes for you? Surely they'd take a credit card.
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I can grab a roll of quarters from work today or tomorrow and you could paypal me for them or get me a six-pack of Oberon. Or just owesies until you get your PIN. I get done at 6 and live downtown.
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