We're looking for a cheap spot to hold a winter wedding in Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County.
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We're looking for a cheap spot to hold a winter wedding in Ann Arbor or the surrounding bits of Washtenaw County. No, I mean really, ridiculously cheap. Help me brainstorm possible venues.

If we were getting married in the summer, we'd do it outside in a park or in someone's yard. (We're also likely to be cooking our own food or going potluck with friends; my fiancee is sewing her own dress; this is a low budget operation we're running here. Grad school, you know?)

But it's looking more and more like we'll be getting married next winter. And outdoor winter weddings in Michigan are, well, not so viable.

We both grew up in Ann Arbor and know the area, and we have family there now, but it's been a while since we've lived there ourselves and we're having trouble coming up with possibilities. Where do people hold cheap, indoor weddings in or around Ann Arbor?
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Some family member's living room is probably a cheap option.
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Michigan Friends Center in Chelsea? The website is woefully lacking in rental information, but its a lovely yet modest facility: one large meeting room with beautiful windows overlooking piney woods, a smallish kitchen (not commercial, more like a residential kitchen), one or two small rooms that could be used for prep. I've been there for many events (I'm a Quaker) and it's a very pleasing place in the country. I am not sure of the capacity, but it's not large--I'd guess 100-150 people, tops. And I'm sorry I don't know the rental rates. But I offer it as a lead.
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Response by poster: Wait, do you two know each other?

We've got family in the area with big yards, but none with big houses. We did think about trying to cram everyone into someone's living room, and it's just not going to work.

The Friends Center looks like it might be the sort of place we're looking for.
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How many people will be there?
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I'm not sure what the rates are, but Cobblestone Farm is a beautiful place to have a wedding, and while it may not be dirt cheap to rent, as a city facility you won't be locked into crappy catering and rental deals the way you would be at a hotel or a banquet hall. I know they have a little kitchen in there and I've been to events where the hosts are handling the food so that part should work. Good luck and Mazel Tov!
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Second the Friends Center. I attended a nice, low-key wedding there years ago. (One guest from Ann Arbor biked there and back, two hours each way.)
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Ann Arbor Council for Traditional Music and Dance rents out Concourse Hall; the rates seem pretty inexpensive (you could have the place for the whole day for $400 on a Sunday, or $680 on a Saturday), you could fit a lot of people in, the place is perfect for having music and dancing, and you would have a lot of flexibility re: caterers.
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Response by poster: Our maximum guest list stands around 150. We may well invite fewer; a lot of those 150 are distant relatives who are unlikely to show up anyway. But it'd be nice to have a place with capacity for 150, just in case we go all-out and everyone turns up.

(Also, wow, Concourse Hall looks fantastic. AACTMAD was just starting to talk about it when we moved away. Good on them for making it happen!)
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You may be able to rent the mill building at Sharon Mill County Park, near Manchester, but you have to use their caterer.

Yeah, that's all I got. My first thought, because it would be awesome, was the Dinosaur Hall at the Exhibit Museum, but you have to be a "University of Michigan group. At this time, non-University rentals are not accepted." Also, it's probably expensive as hell; the botanical garden sure is.
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I've been in Concourse Hall and it is nice but sterile. AACTMAD also uses a couple of local grange halls for events -- these have far more character, in my opinion, but as AACTMAD's use would suggest, still have space for dancing and tables and what-have-you. And again, as AACTMAD's use would imply, I imagine they're relatively inexpensive to rent.

Who are all these current and former AACTMAD Mefites?! Hi!
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