Ann Arbor Filter: Need to contact Hathaway's Hideaway
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Ann Arbor Filter (longshot): Anybody know how to get in touch with the owners of place called Hathaway's Hideway? It's an event venue on S. Ashley and I am looking to rent it out, but none of the major search engines can turn up a phone number on it. Anybody got any local scoop on how to reach them?
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Googled for you?
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Er, I no longer live in Ann Arbor, but if you yourself live in Ann Arbor, why not just go over there when an event is occurring, and ask somebody?

If not that, there's always 411? : )
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There's a phone number here, have you tried calling it and asking for the contact information for general management?
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Chris Hathaway's playing there; get ahold of the folkies through their web pages or myspaces.
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Wazoo Records might have some info
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Response by poster: Sorry, I should have mentioned that 995-8413 is out of service. Thanks for the effort.
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Yeah, your best bet is to ask someone who already knows. Find events that have been run there, and get in touch with their organizers. For example. I only vaguely know Dug, but I'd expect he could help you out.
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you might call the Ann Arbor Music Center - or just stop in - they're right next door and assuredly know.
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These folks have been organizing events there semi-regularly. You could drop them a line to inquire.
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