Who are the Liberty Five?
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Whose faces are depicted in this Ann Arbor mural?

And is there a common bond among them?

There are actually five faces in the mural, but I couldn't find a photo that showed the one on the right at all clearly. Maybe some MeFite from Ann Arbor knows, though. I think I can identify two out of five, but I don't want to bias the jury.

The mural is located at Liberty and State Sts., Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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Response by poster: (A larger shot of the third guy from the left.)
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Best answer: Woody Allen, Edgar Allen Poe, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka and Anaïs Nin.
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Best answer: David's Books used to be upstairs; they commissioned the mural. (If you're in Ann Arbor, why didn't you come to the meetup?)
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Best answer: Woody Allen, Edgar Allen Poe, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka and Anaïs Nin

Found here.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. My Google-fu is weak. (Re the meetup: I dunno, I'm a pretty casual MeFi reader and don't pay much attention to usernames. I wouldn't "know" anyone from his or her persona, and I wasn't aware that there was a meetup. Maybe something to do in the future, though.)
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If you don't go to Stucchi's around the corner from David's books (turn right at Woody Allen) and have the French Silk ice cream, I'll be disappointed. It's been seven years and I still miss it daily.
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Yeah, just walk right past the Potbellies.
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Forget the mural, who's the hottie in the yellow dress? In all seriousness, thanks for this blast from the past from my college days. I'm glad that thing is still around.
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meetup, what?
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I miss David's Books. And that damned cat that I never saw move, yet was always on top of the shelf where I was browsing, glaring at me...
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