The ALA took my baby away.
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Things to do in Anaheim on June 28th?

I'm currently planning on driving down and dropping off my girlfriend at the ALA conference, then bummin' around until the meet-up at 8pm. I'm looking for things to amuse me. I like music, baseball, drinking, museums… Lunch ideas? Breakfast ideas? Things that I shouldn't miss? Cheap things?
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My favorite dive bar in the area (just a few miles from Angels stadium). Surprisingly good food too. Great digital jukebox with search function.
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I'm free after about 1. I'll be watching this thread closely.
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Get out of Anaheim. Drive down to Newport Beach, or even Laguna Beach. That said, with traffic, it's farther away than it looks on a map.
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Bowers Museum and the new Muzeo are probably the closest museums to Anaheim. Bowers tends toward the ancient art/artifacts and has a gemstone exhibit right now. Muzeo has Chicano art, but I haven't been so I can't vouch for it.

There is a Metrolink station right by Anaheim Stadium if you'd prefer to hop on a train and go elsewhere. I'd suggest putzing around window-shopping/having a long lunch with drinks in Orange Circle or downtown Fullerton. Both are the next stops down (south and north, respectively) on the Metrolink.

I just remembered that there's also the Fullerton Museum, which has exhibits on Fender guitars and Blues photos right now. Haven't ever been there so not sure how nice it is.
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Drop me a line if you want to get into Disneyland. I'm tight with the Mouse...
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Response by poster: Bump…

Maybe I should call around to newspapers in Anaheim.

Argyle, is Disneyland worth it for only a couple of hours on a weekend? I'd be afraid that I'd spend the whole time in line…
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is Disneyland worth it for only a couple of hours on a weekend?

Not in June - tourist season has begun.
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klang, did you find anything to do? You wanna do California Adventure? We're going if for nothing other than the Tower of Terror. It's a pitch black freefall/chuck you randomly downward ride. I could use some hoarsening. I dunno if it's "worth it" for or not, at $60 or so for the ticket, but at least you'll have company.
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Response by poster: I didn't realize you were going to be in town too. I was thinking about sitting out on Disneyland, just because I figured it was gonna be crazy crowded. I hear there's a Mexican swapmeet called the Anaheim Marketplace, and I figured I might also take in a movie. Shame I don't have a laptop, as I could get some work done.
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