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help me with iPhone issues....

Why do the plug in headphones suck? i want to use them for the phone....what am i doing wrong?
any other tips
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To get useful answers, you may want to describe some of the ways in which the iPhone headphones suck for you.
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Response by poster: you cant hear at all...
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Response by poster: it isnt broken buds...
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Do you mean that they're completely silent, or that the volume's too low for them to be useful?
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I can hear fine. What do you hear?
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Are these the headphones that came with the iphone? Or others?

If they are others, it's possible they don't fit in the recessed port, and aren't going in all the way, meaning they won't work.

If they are the headphones that came with the iphone, perhaps they are broken.
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I've had problems with the iPhone loosing track of where it should be sending audio. Restarting didn't help. What did help was repeatedly plugging and unplugging the headphones 5-10 times in quick succession.
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I know I was very disappointed to find out that my expensive headphones do not fit into the jack of the iPhone. They almost do, but not far enough to make the sound come through them instead of the phone's speakers. If you're looking to use phones other than ones made by Apple, you may be out of luck unless you want to do some hands-on work and put a new plug on your non-Apple phones. Good luck.
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*If* your problem is, in fact, that non-Apple phones won't work, you can just spend a few bucks on an adapter.

If that's the problem, however, I'm not sure how useful they're going to be for telephoning purposes (assuming I read your question right): They won't have a microphone.
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Adapters may be had for ~$1 here.

As Tomorrowful said, check that there is a microphone on the cord, or 4 bands of metal on the plug. If you have 3 bands, there is no microphone and you'll have to talk into the phone itself during a phone call.
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I've also whittled down the plastic surrounding the plug on some Bose headphones, with perfectly acceptable results. It doesn't hurt the performance, and if you take your time, it can look ok too.
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2 minutes with an Xacto knife will make most all minijacks fit in the recessed port, including Shure and Etymotics.

If you're talking strictly audio quality, yes the stock white apple headphones are a boggling combination of both bad quality and uncomfortable.
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