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Comfortable coffee shop/bar/cafe with wi-fi for business work near shopping/site-seeing spots somewhere between Long Beach and Downtown LA?

My husband and I will be traveling to Anaheim this week for a conference I'll be attending. Since my husband is a programmer and can work from anywhere, he'll be hanging out in the hotel working during the day while I attend the conference and then we both hope to have some time to eat at some fun restaurants and see the sites in the evenings/nighttime.

On Friday, I'll be finished with the conference and we are checking out of our hotel in Anaheim, renting a car at the Long Beach airport, and heading to another hotel in downtown LA, where we will be staying for the rest of the weekend. The catch is that in-between our Anaheim hotel checkout at noon and our L.A. hotel check-in at 4, my husband will still need a place to sit with his computer and a wi-fi connection to do work. Preferably, if this coffee/shop/bar/cafe is near shopping, touristy spots, or just pretty places to walk that would be awesome for me since I'll be work-free and ready to wander.

Sorry if this location is too open-ended but I don't know much about the area! Anything that doesnt wander too far off the path between Long Beach and LA are great (we will either go from Long Beach-->405-->710-->downtown LA OR Long Beach-->405-->110-->downtown LA depending on what restaurant we pick for lunch). I'm also open to suggestions for things to see, places to eat or anything just plain interesting on either of those routes! Tips and advice are totally welcome.

In Anaheim, we'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Orange County and in LA, we'll be staying at the Omni Los Angeles. Recommendations closer to the LA location would probably be most helpful as we'd like have more of our drive complete earlier in the day to avoid rush hour traffic.
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Panera Bread is the goto option for this pretty much anywhere, but call the Hyatt in LA. Most big hotels will have a room with computers and a printer you can use. Just call them and explain the situation, I'm sure they'll just tell you the wireless password a few hours before you check in.
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I recommend 2nd street/Belmont Shores in Long Beach. There are at least 4 coffee shops with free wi-fi that he can hang out in. There are great restaurants, shopping, and bars. You're also blocks from the ocean if you feel like taking a walk along the beach. The area I'm thinking of is 2nd Street between Bay Shore Avenue and Livingston Drive.
Memail me if you have specific questions about the area.
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harlem place cafe is not far from the omni (and gives you an excuse to ride angels flight). it's in the heart of the old bank district, and not far from little tokyo.
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You'll probably want to pick a location in either Long Beach or Downtown LA. The area in-between the two consists of Compton, "South Central", Watts, and other famously sketchy neighborhoods. On that note, visiting Watts Towers in the daytime is highly recommended.

There isn't a whole lot of shopping in Downtown anymore, but there's plenty of architectural gems. Looking into a walking tour would be a good idea. There's also a Starbucks in the plaza that the Omni is connected to. I haven't been to the Harlem Place Cafe since its rebranding, but I would have heartily suggested it when it was known as the Lost Souls Cafe.
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Yes, yes to Belmont Shores, very walkable and fun.
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The Library in Long Beach is fantastic, big comfy seats, wifi, lots of books and great coffee.
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