Recommend a light, safe laptop bag
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Help me choose a light laptop bag, comfortable to wear, with good protection for my 14" widescreen.

Hey. I’m looking for a recommendation for a laptop backpack.

I don’t plan on carrying much in it - just my laptop (a 14” widescreen thinkpad), powersupply, maybe occasionally a book or two. So I don’t need anything huge.

Here’s what I think I’m looking for (though you’re welcome to tell me I’m wrong, and should want something else)

- I like backpacks better than messenger-style bags - I feel like the better-distributed weight makes a big difference.

- Light - under, say, 2.5 lbs, though even lighter is even better. I want it to be, you know, not heavy when I carry it around. (Or will a 3.5 better-constructed bag magically *feel* lighter because of construction, padding, whatever?)

- Comfortable to carry for a while.

- Laptop doesn’t slide around in the bag,

- Reasonably good protection for bumps and jostles, if, say, I leave the bag in the milk-crate in back of my bike rather than wearing it, protecting the laptop both from external bumps, and other stuff in the bag.

- A bit weatherproof would be helpful, but not super-critical

I don’t care too much what the bag looks like. I’d rather not pay a ton, but if there’s a super-awesome bag, I don’t mind spending a bit more. I’m a not-small man, if that’s a variable.

Is there anything else I should be thinking about/looking for?

Bonus points if there’s somewhere I can actually see the bag (in Toronto) before buying it.

Thanks thanks for suggestions!
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My favorite company is Timbuk2. Take a look at their custom bag creator. Top Notch quality:
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Murray - What do you like about Timbuk 2? Is there a specific model you would recommend for what I'm looking for?
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I recommend Tom Bihn. I have a 17" MacBook Pro, and that thing feels safe as houses.
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I am a not-small person. While I generally prefer messenger bags to backpacks, I have been using a Briggs & Riley @work backpack for a couple of years and am extremely happy with it in terms of protection, features, and most especially comfort. B&R warrants the bag forever, which is more than I can say for the help I got from Kensington when my last bag broke down.

Having said that, I suspect my bag is a little less lightweight and minimalist than you'd want. B&R seems to offer a couple of other backpacks that look slightly lighter, but I don't have personal experience with them.

I don't know where you could look at one in your area, but I did see one being sold in an Apple store. If you have such a thing near you it might be a good place to see if you like it (as well as to see other options -- the stores all tend to have a small luggage section).
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I have the Hacker backpack from Timbuck2. I like it. Very sturdy and well built, pretty lightweight (website says it's 2.9 lbs, but I couldn't imagine having it lighter and still padded for protection). Also, it's not huge and bulky with a bunch of side pouches and whatnot. With the straps tightened, it closes really flat.

One upside/downside is the big rubberized flap that pulls securely over the top. It's very tough and completely waterproofs it. But it also makes it a bit of a pain to access stuff quickly. So if you're outside a lot, it's great... I got caught in a pretty heavy rain once and it worked perfectly. But usually I'm indoors/in a cab/in an airport, and it's not super fast for accessing the inside.

I got it at a retail store for about $120. The Briggs and Riley there was far more expensive... Not knocking it, but it didn't seem to be all that much better for the price difference.
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I'm looking at the Timbuk 2 site - the bags look nice. I'm trying to see if I can find a place in Toronto where I can acutally see the bags. This seems like the sort of thing you want to actually see before buying.

I guess there's going to be a bit of a trade-off between padding/safety and weight.
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Check out Waterfield. American made.
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Take a look at the Keen Burnside Computer Pack. The only issue would be the side entry for the main compartment, some people like it and some people find it awkward.
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Tom Bihn. Check out a vertical Brain Cell for your protective needs, it clips into the Brain Bag or the Smart Alec. Or just go to the laptop bags page and check out your options.

Their factory and store is in Seattle. Their staff is awesome about answering questions. The bags are well-designed and tough. With splash-proof zippers.

No affiliation, I'm just a really happy customer of theirs.
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Thanks. These all sound like great suggestions. Does anyone know - is there a pack that's really light *and* protectst the laptop well, or is that a dream?

Now, I really want to find a place in Toronto where I could check out some of these bags...
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I have one from Booq that is nice and protective.
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I recommend these every time - Crumpler bags are light, well padded and very very durable. Try to ignore their 'wacky' site design and marketing language.
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The Tom Bihn The Buzz is a lightweight sling pack. I have one and love it. It is relatively small, fits close to your back, and great for commuting. And I can use one hand to put it on my back while I'm walking.
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ManinSuit, the Brain Cell by itself ranges from only 14 oz to 1 lb. It's not got enough room to carry much of anything else (there are a couple of mesh pockets, though.) The Smart Alec that I referenced above is 1 lb 13 oz. The duo would give you pretty bulletproof protection with less than 3 lbs of bag-weight.
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I carry the Dakine Jewel backpack, which is the "girls" version of the Dakine Duel. In black, it doesn't look like a girl's pack, it's just a bit smaller than the Duel. Anyway, I am able to carry my 15" HP laptop in it. It's comfortable for several hours (for example, at the airport) but extended wear, more than 6 hours, got a bit painful. The laptop sleeve loads from the side, which I like.
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I have this Blurr Shuttle bag and really like it. It fits my 14" laptop, power cord, and a little more. There's a better photo of it here.
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I love my Waterfield bag. Before I had the full-on bag, I just had a sleeve that I stuck in my backpack. That was much more versatile for me. I was able to find a cheap, comfortable Jansport backpack on sale for $20.
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