What should we call our trading platform?
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I need suggestions for a name for an online trading platform for work, does anyone have any ideas?
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Are you focussed in any particular sector, or is all we need to really know that it's stock tradin' software?
posted by mumkin at 8:56 AM on May 13, 2008

I go here whenever i need to name something.
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Response by poster: It will mostly be US Treasury Notes/Bills/Bonds traded on the repo market, so not stocks in particular, but similar. It's also not a system that will be available to the general public, just to our customers/clients etc....so it should be a bit more professional than "Landlord Around This Orchestra", but that link rocks anyway, thanks mumkin!
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Clearly it should be called
OTP or Tradr
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I vote TradR. It is very Web 2.0. To give it more tech-savvy cachet, possibly go with iTradr. Be ready for Apple's lawyers, though.
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I think you meant to thank the fabulous Mach5.
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I like this one from Mach5's link: "Compounding Day"
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Response by poster: Err...yes, thanks Mach5!!
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If your company has an identity beyond old white-guy last names, it'd not be ill-advised to tie-into that. So if you're Pinnacle Securities Management then you call the thing PEAK and come up with a hideous backronym to justify it. I assume you'd prefer not to reveal the identity of your employer, so we'll leave coming up with those kinds of names to you.

Your clients view these securities as their safer-than-houses investments, yes? So, calling it something defensive like Scutum (the shield) might not be untoward. Actually, that's also a constellation, and looking at other constellations I reckon Carina (the ship's keel) sounds like both a good name and a good concept.
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I'm assuming you don't need to trademark this or register a .com domain for it, right? If so your options will be more limitted.

I would probably go with something boring and descriptive for this, probably with trade in the title. My suggestions:

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Advice: avoid terms that sound like generic words, no matter how they are spelled, since you'll also use those words in conversation. For this reason "TradingDesk" and "TradR" are very bad choices. They'll annoy you later in the office.

"No, not a real trader, I mean TRADR!"

Worse, you'll end up saying "No, no, I mean our little online TradingDesk whatzit" all the time.
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Hmm. Nothing good but here is a few.

There's SWOPR, of course. (Wargames. Sorry, you'll have to come up with the backronym.)
Quid Pro Pro (er...well, there it is.)
DisForDat, Dis4Dat (tit for tat)
posted by bz at 2:32 PM on May 14, 2008

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