does the contraceptive sponge have a flavor?
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Has anyone used the Today sponge (or another contraceptive sponge) and found that their partner noticed a different *taste*? I'm wondering if the spermicide will alter one's natural flavor.
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Definitely. All oral is forgone when using the sponge.
posted by sunshinesky at 5:01 PM on May 11, 2008

When using any kind of chemically based vaginal contraceptive, really. Even just the insertable films. Blech. -spit, spit-
posted by GardenGal at 5:46 PM on May 11, 2008

It seriously depends on your body chemistry and your partner's... tastes, for lack of a better word. I used the sponge for years and never had a complaint from the local diners, but clearly YMMV.
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Yes - a bit "chemically" if I recall the exact words.
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PS - not so much that it mattered to him, by the way.
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Yes. Strangely metallic taste/feel, almost numbing. Not offensive, but also not quite right.
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I certainly know that spermicidal condoms have an unpleasant taste (tingly and bitter I've been told). Certainly performing oral sex after intercourse with spermicidal condoms I've tasted it, and that would only be a small amount really, compared to what I'd imagine a sponge would have.
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Definitely--I've experienced the numbing sensation. Blech.
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It's been a long time so perhaps formulations have changed, but I found it not tasty at all, however ignorable for the greater good.
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I wondered the same thing a long time ago and called the company who makes them. They said no, it does not have a taste. Boyfriend and I used them briefly a few months ago and I just asked him the same question. He said he doesn't recall it passing any flavor on to me. There were many years in between the time I used them but, apparently, neither formulation haz flavur.
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