V8 agrees with me almost too much
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My lifestyle is pretty healthy overall, but I always feel extra-good after drinking V8. I'm trying to figure out why this particular beverage agrees with me so much when included in a diet that's already pretty good to begin with.

This mystery V8-variable makes me feel pretty good. I wanna identify it so I can be more savvy with my feeling good pursuits.

Some extra data to help formulate theories:
- It's regular V8, never tried the low sodium or other varieties.
- Regular tomato juice doesn't do the trick, although it hints at it.
- Simply eating vegetables never has this effect.
- 2nd place in my "feel awesome"foods is Quinoa, albeit a distant second.
- Diagnosed with Celiac a year ago & maintain a gluten free diet.
- Even with a high-fiber low-sugar diet, I easily succumb to "food comas", although to a lesser extent post-gluten.
- My metabolism is super-fast, to the point that the only way I can GAIN weight is via exercise (which I do religiously)
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Campbell's would tell you it's the antioxidants - lycopene from the tomatoes, etc. - and the combination of vitamins. You could try taking a daily multivitamin if you don't already.

My own experience is that it's the salt. When I'm super-focused on eating clean - whole foods, cooking everything from scratch, drinking tons of water - I eat very little added sodium. Something as salty as V8 seems to make a noticeable difference sometimes - I feel clearer, a little more focused. Anecdotal, of course, but there you go.

Or maybe you just really like the taste, and it makes you feel good?
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Here's the detailed nutritional information for V8 (much more than just the regular label) for those who might be able to comment on the effects of the various vitamins and minerals.
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A suggestion, try this:
see if it makes you feel the same.
Then make it without the salt and/or sugar and see if it has the same effect.
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Oops my link above is to the low sodium version and I can't seem to find one for the regular.
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I think it might be the salt, too. I actually can't drink it because it makes me feel weird, cracked out, and light-headed because of all the sodium. Maybe that's the feeling you're getting, but it agrees with you?
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Marketing has buried its messages deep into your psyche.

Simply eating vegetables never has this effect.

There's your clue.
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nthing the salt. Are you getting electrolyte minerals elsewhere in your diet? Try oral rehydration formula and see if that has the same effect.
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I think it's the salt too. I don't drink V8, but I do consume (as holgate suggests) an oral re hydration formula (12 parts sugar, 1 part salt, lemon juice [to taste], 1 liter water), especially after a long run. It kicks in instantly. (I find that V8 has too much sodium for my taste.)
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Response by poster: Good call on salt everyone! My hippie-kitchen seems to be very low sodium. I'm going to try that out.

Darkforest, that was quite the presumptuous response, particularly since you phrased it as fact. I know my body plenty good, thank you, no need to get all Adbusters up in my face.
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if it IS the salt... and since you also have Celiac, and trouble gaining weight, have you been tested for Addison's? Or, do you have any of the other following symptoms: dizziness when standing up, darker skin than usual (like you've been tanning, but you haven't been), loss of appetite, vomiting without nausea, fatigued?

IANAD, just someone with Addison's who had it for a long time before being diagnosed. One of my "symptoms" was that eating pretzel salt from the bottom of the bag used to make me feel lots better than I normally did.
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Could you try watering down the V8 ?

I do this a lot with sweet drinks.
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V8 makes me feel wonderful as well, although I suspect that it has more to do with the vodka and tabasco sauce that I drink it with. Or perhaps it was the celery stick I garnished it with.
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In addition to the salt, V8 has some potassium from the veggies in it. I like to drink it when I've been sweating a lot, less sugar than Gatorade.

Try juicing fresh veggies and adding a little salt if you want to tweak the ingredients.
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