I want to be an expert on experts.
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I'm looking for advice blogs. Like Dear Abby, but in blog form.

These must be out there, but googling for "advice blog" doesn't get me quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking for blogs where the writers/experts give advice in response to emails/comments/etc. from readers, just like in a newspaper advice column.

The topic of the blog (I think I've seen one specifically about financial advice) isn't important. I'm just interested in finding question-and-answer format blogs. Not something like Ask Metafilter or Yahoo Answers, but something where there is one writer/expert (or a panel of them) who writes all the answers.
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Ask the Blondes
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Tomato Nation, The Vine.
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Manolo the Shoeblogger has Q&A posts that are actually published in a newspaper somewhere.
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Seconding the Vine, but also suggesting Amalah's Advice Smackdown.
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Ray's Place hasn't updated for a while, but I enjoy reading the archives. I would say that you don't need to read the Achewood webcomic to enjoy Ray's advice, but it might help to see where he's coming from as a fictional cat.
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Oh, and some of Ray's Place (such as the most recent column) is NSFW.
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Not blogs, but message boards:
- Top Wedding Questions: All types of wedding planning and etiquette questions, answered by experts
- Ask NACHI: Ask your home-related question here and it is answered on the InterNACHI message board by home inspectors and other professionals
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Ask Moxie (Parenting Advice)
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I like Rabbitblog. Not exactly an "expert" advice blog, but still very entertaining an often illuminating. The author, Heather Havrilesky, is a writer for Salon, and the blog has the feel of a talented writer's side project.
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I like Dear Margo (now at Yahoo) and Slate's Dear Prudence and subscribe to both of their feeds in Google Reader. Both are the old school "Dear Abby" type of advice column, but aren't "blogs," in the strict sense of posts/comments/etc. Rather, a group of questions/answers gets published once a week-ish as a column and is published as a feed. The Dear Margo author used to write under the Dear Prudence name at Slate but separated from them, restarting her column under her own name. (Dear Prudence is now written by another woman.) Margo Howard's mother wrote the Ann Landers column and her aunt founded Dear Abby.
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Help Me Bubby features advice and answers to questions by an 88 year old Jewish grandmother and uploaded by her grandchildren. Now sporadically updated due to her ill health. Also features video advice columns.
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Ask Sister Mary Martha - entertaining advice from a possibly real nun
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Hey Tom is a panel of guys that take questions on home improvement and relationships. Kind of an odd mix, but the idea is that it's a guy perspective on things.
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The Ethicist is a weekly column in The New York Times Sunday Magazine giving, obviously, ethics advice.
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I really like Ask a Manager.
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As ever, I recommend IndieEtiquette, the Indiebride wedding etiquette column for all things wedding etiquette, and if you like it, her book is great too. Or so says I, but then again she's my lovely wife.
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Since You Asked at Salon.
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For Korean advice, Ask a Korean!
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I'm amazed I'm the first to mention Dan Savage's sex advice column
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Single Ape
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Response by poster: It feels wrong to give *everyone* a best answer, but you've all been helpful. Thanks!
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Go Ask Alice is a health and sex advice site from Columbia.
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