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What kind of yoga sequence should I do while traveling?

I usually heat up a room with a space heater and do the Bikram sequence at home (this takes me about an hour to complete). I'm going to be traveling Wednesday-Sunday and I want to practice yoga while I am gone from home.

Problems are that I won't have a space heater and I won't have a yoga mat. I don't have the correct financial/time situation to attend yoga studios at my destination. Also, on Wednesday I will basically be in an airplane or at an airport all day.

My goals are to generally feel good, to be able to resume my normal practice when I get home without feeling too stiff, and not to hurt myself. That said, what sequence of asanas would be the best for me to do on my trip?
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YogiToes makes a yoga towel with a sticky surface on one side, makes a great portable yoga mat.

If you are used to hot yoga, just remember that without the heat you need to be more slow and gentle in stretches and openers. Your muscles can warm up on the own enough to get good opening. If you'll be in a plane a great deal, do plenty of hip openers (warrior series, pigeon, cobbler's pose) and abdominal strengtheners (which help low back stress).

I mostly practice Anusara-inspired yoga, so YMMV.
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Maybe you could try doing the Suryanamaskar (sun salutation) exercise. It has several asanas built into it. If done properly that takes about 20 minutes and really sets you up for a good day. It isn't terribly strenuous but will ensure that your limbs aren't stiff when you want to resume your normal schedule.
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Don't forget: Bikram says you can do half tortise pose (ardha kurmasana) at any point for rejuvenation. Whenever, wherever, find a corner anywhere (airport, work, etc.) and get the spine stretched. Obviously, not a complete solution.

Depending on your destination's weather, outdoor practice might work for Bikram's sequence. Some places might be toasty outside. Grassy park?
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