Super8 film-to-DVD in Austin, TX?
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Help me find a place to transfer my Super8 & 8mm film to DVD in Austin, TX.

Being a child of the 70's my family has a TON of old Super8 and 8mm reels sitting in boxes that we'd all love to see again (sadly the projector died long ago and the replacement we bought on ebay tried to eat every reel we put through it).

My folks are in Austin but I am not and I would like to give them a resource for dropping off their reels for transfer without sending it out of town.

Does anybody have a recommend for a film transfer service in Austin that does not send their film out of town for the transfer (we had some film lost by a national chain vendor that was sending it all to a central location for transfer...needless to say this film in irreplaceable).

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I can't speak to local in Austin, however, a few years back we found the 8mm films my Dad took while he was in Vietnam. We found walgreens offered dvd transfer services. It was reasonable priced. Dropped off at walgreens, picked up there about a week later.
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