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Another Vancouver, BC restaurant question. The challenge? Carbo-loading before the Vancouver Marathon...

Ok, I need to eat about 5000 calories of pasta, rice, and potatoes the day before, so I'm probably looking for Italian food although Asian rice and noodles could work too. I am staying near the starting line at BC Place Stadium but I'll have a car. I am guessing a lot of places will be full of runners with the same idea as me, so the ability to make reservations or go to a place that is kind of undiscovered would be especially appreciated.

I should point out I would never have would have made it this far were it not for the MeFi group at Runner+.
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Well, you could always hit up some of the pasta places who give portions that would feed a family of 4. Antons and Anducci's both come to mind. Get take out at Anton's, there's usually an hour long lineup at peak times. They're both in Burnaby though, nowhere near BC Place, but definitely doable with a car.
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I second the recommendation for Anducci's, but you will definitely need a car to get there.

If you prefer to stay downtown, my favourite local pasta place is Cafe Luxy. It is a long walk but definitely walkable from BC Place Stadium (I live near Cafe Luxy and have walked home from BC Place several times).
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I second the recommendation for Anducci's, but you will definitely need a car to get there.

Anducci's has pasta galore, and it's relatively tasty too. The one in Burnaby looks to be on the far side of Lougheed Mall, which means you could also get there by SkyTrain. If you're staying near BC Place, it's as easy as driving.
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Go to a noodle house in Chinatown. It's only a few blocks from BC Place.
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I would pass on Anduccis or any of the cheap pasta places. The LaBuca suggestion is excellent. Reservations definitely required, I'd also tell them that you're carbo loading pre-marathon and could they prepare an appropriate portion size. I'm certain they'd be happy to accommodate you given advance notice.
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Response by poster: For posterity, we went to Cafe Luxy. It was perfect. Huge helpings of freshly made pasta and the staff was happy to make a reservation for 9 of us on a Saturday night. Each of us finished the race and we had a great weekend. Thanks, sanitycheck!.
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