What is this two-colour gradient called? Is there a filter for it in Photoshop?
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What do you call the form of gradient colour fill that uses just two colours - the new one starts as dots which get larger until they start merging while the old colour turns into dots that are getting smaller? It's a technique I associate with old newsprint.

Does anyone know if there's a photoshop filter to replicate it?
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Are you thinking of halftoning?
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Try creating a normal gradient in photoshop, and then go to

Filters > Pixellate > Colour Halftone

and type 4 in the first box (the size of the dots, minimum of 4). Is this what you're looking for...?

Try playing with the other 4 numbers for different colour effects.
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wanted to know this for a while - thanks!
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Response by poster: That's the kiddie. Thank you!
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Going to Image Mode -> Duotone (I think that's what it's called) can also get you more controllable higher quality results.
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This is whatt wackybrit is getting at:
Create a regular gradient (or just use any image)

Image -> Mode -> Grayscale
Image -> Mode -> Bitmap

then choose Halftone Screen from the Method box, play around with the lpi, and choose your type of "dot": round, diamond, ellipse, line, square, or cross.

The higher resolution you convert to, the better the quality.
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Yeah, filtering works too, with the advantage over converting to bitmap of not force-flattening the image layers.
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Outside the print world, this is "stipple alpha blending".
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