What is the origin of the schizophrenic bad guy character?
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This is an admittedly silly question, but I'm curious nonetheless. I'm battling insomnia and the new-generation Transformers cartoon comes on the television. The presumed villain is a schizophrenic character, whose head appears to have three faces side by side, and he switches faces, and the different personalities battle amongst each other.

I've also seen this in some really bad B Skiing movie from the 80's. No clue of the name. But I've seen it other places, too. My question is, does anyone have a clue where this concept originates? Is it some obscure R.D.Laing essay that I've overlooked? Some folklore I am not familiar with?
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The multiple face people that I know about [thank you X-Files] are the cherubim, from the bible. Rotten.com has this adorable passage on them. They don't have switchable faces per se but four different faces which I've seen interpreted as having differing emotions even though they're supposed to be different animal faces.
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sorry to nit-pick, but schizophrenia is not the same as multiple personality disorder.
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The Three Faces of Eve (probably doesn't use actual battling faces—I haven't seen it—but the title surely provided some inspiration).
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"some really bad B Skiing movie from the 80's" = Ski Patrol
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Ski Patrol (1990)


Hinduism has a long tradition of depicting its gods - particularly Brahma and Shiva - as many-faced (omniscient) and many-handed (omnipotent).

The Shiva Purana describes Shiva as having five faces, and goes on to describe each of the various faces as a particular philosophical entity.

Finding an origin for this belief would be like trying to find an origin to the belief in an afterlife: it is a powerful motif and finds its way, in some form, into many, many religions.
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[See also Transformers: The Movie for his origin in that particular pantheon. "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!" Great stuff.]
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There was an episode of "teenage mutant ninja turtles" with a baddy-character that did this.
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Remember also Dante's three-faced Lucifer.
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This concept is eternal, it seems. Dante describes Lucifer in The Inferno as a three-headed demon. The Greeks wrote of multi-headed monsters. I don't think anyone has claim to "creating it."
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Cerberus, Hydra...


More from India: Hanuman meets many-faced king Rawana; Yamantaka; Avalokiteshvara, among others...

The hero, of course, has a thousand faces...

Ezekiel had a vision of angels with six wings and multiple faces...
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Monty Python
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