At Home Photography Class for Two?
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My boyfriend and I would like to improve our photography skills. I'd like to get a list going of daily/weekly assignments or friendly competitions we can give ourselves to have some fun with this. Any ideas? Does something self-directed like this already exist elsewhere on the internets?

I have quite a bit more experience than he does, so things that apply with a wide range of skill levels would be nice.

We'd also like to work on digital workflow/editing/post-processing so anything in those areas are appreciated too!
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My mother really enjoys the projects and the community around the Utata group. It's a Flickr group that also has its own website. They have projects that include photography and writing. There are a lot of talented people there, and they are also welcoming to newbies. It's sort of giant, but there are a lot of smaller approachable parts I think. On a smaller scale MeFi spinoff site MetaChat does a photo friday where there's a loose topic and people share pictures. There are a lot of in-betweens as well. You can get a free account on Flickr to start with and ramp up to a paid account if it turns out to be something you like.
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Set up a wordpress photo blog, pick a random word from the dictionary every week and use it as the basis for that week's assignment, with the pressure to complete the assignment coming from the onus to publish the result in the blog.
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Use Twitter? The Daily Shoot is good.
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I quite like Digital Photography School
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Ephotozine has a photo of the day competition and runs a bunch of other competitions.
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Digital Photography school has weekly assigments and is a pretty helpful blog as well.
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Big fan of Utata.
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Awesome question! Maybe this will help? I bet you can get it at your local library if you'd rather not buy it: 50 Photo Projects: Ideas To Kickstart Your Photography.
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DP Challenge as well.
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Lens Day
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dGrin runs a bi-weekly challenge. Good group of folks, who are always happy to help out and help you learn.
posted by pyro979 at 11:03 AM on August 26, 2010 Has a weekly assignment board, and the quality of images I generally find to be higher than on other sites, and quite inspiring.
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Alexandre Buisse is teaching an intro-level photo class online here. He has daily lessons and assignments, and answers questions, all for free.
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I Heart Faces is one.
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I'll second DGrin but the right forum is under Techniques in the Assignments section. It is actively monitored and mentored and is currently up to assignment 146. The complete list can be found here.
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