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I must be overlooking something. Where on can one find one's account number?
posted by casarkos to Computers & Internet (10 answers total)
There doesn't seem to be an account number as such, but you log in with your email address, so this is probably the primary key used by Amazon as your account code.
posted by seanyboy at 7:27 AM on July 19, 2004

Why do you want to know? That would help us answer your question.
posted by smackfu at 7:41 AM on July 19, 2004

If you email yourself your wish list, there's an ID string in the url that appears repeatedly if you View Source on most amazon pages. I'm not sure if this is your actual account # or just a universal reference.

In other news, you've got Plog.
posted by m@ at 7:42 AM on July 19, 2004

Response by poster: The reason is: I'm trying to set up electronic bill payment and Citibank is of the policy that every online vendor *must* have an account number for every client. So, yeah.
posted by casarkos at 9:26 AM on July 19, 2004

Does it have to be a number? Cause I think technically, from the Amazon view, your account is your email address.
posted by smackfu at 9:43 AM on July 19, 2004

Response by poster: That's what I thought. Apparently that's not the bank's view - they say it's some long string beginning with 6035...

Also, I just called Amazon Customer Services, where the second automated message asks me to enter my Amazon account number. This is very strange.
posted by casarkos at 11:06 AM on July 19, 2004

Call 'em up and ask if you can do the auto-bill-pay.
posted by Vidiot at 11:20 AM on July 19, 2004

as m@ said, check out the url anywhere that you need to be signed in to view (wish list, "My Account", view cart, etc.). at the end of it there should be a number there that is in the form: 123-1234567-1234567.

try that and see if it works. if not, call/email amazon until you get in touch with a real person who can answer your question (try hitting zero when you get the auto-answer recording)
posted by rorycberger at 2:27 PM on July 19, 2004

The number at the end of the URL is *NOT* your account number. This is a session number, and changes from session to session. Try logging in from more than one PC, and you'll see that they're different.
posted by seanyboy at 3:36 PM on July 19, 2004

Response by poster: vidiot: thank you.
i have called and spoken with Amazon and the blame now rests squarely with my bank for demanding i produce something which does not exist.
posted by casarkos at 11:09 PM on July 19, 2004

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