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VPN problems: I'm trying to find a basic wireless router (802.11b) that will let me have more than one VPN connection passing through it. All the consumer models I see support VPN but will only let me have one computer using VPN at a time. Anyone know of such a product or - even better - use such a thing?
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I believe you mean "can I have more than one PPTP client on the back side of a router" and the answer is: if they're going to different places, yes. Otherwise, I believe that it's the nature of PPTP that you can't have more than one client session with the same IP address, which the NAT feature of such routers will cause.

If you really need more than one client at the same site, VPN the *router* itself, using IPSEC, if you can. If you can't figure out any other way to accomplish this, SnapGear's Linux based routers will do both IPSEC and router-is-a-PPTP-client, and you could put a WAP behind one.

You're in the NFL on this sort of project; don't expect to do it cheap. Well under a hundred? Never. Well under a thousand? No problem.
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Response by poster: Yes - I did mean two VPN connections to the same place... I can find routers which will serve as VPN endpoints which I think would work. I'm trying to connect to a VPN server at a large University who are clueless about whether this is possible or not, which I suppose should surprise me but doesn't... Thanks for the pointers, though.
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Actually, you can do more than one session per IP address if server and client support "Call ID", which tags the separate tunnels.
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True, fvw. I'd forgotten about it, since, to the best of my knowledge, you can't do it with Microsoft servers. :-)
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