Buying a WiFi Router
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Help me find an online tool for selecting a wifi router, or at least help me find reliable reviews or a buying guide.

Hey all. As designated family tech support, the task has fallen on me to set up my uncle with "The Weefee". I'm ok with setting up the wifi myself, but buying the correct router is bewildering.

When I set up mind last year, I remember finding an online tool where you could filter well-reviewed routers by various features and price, but I can't seem to find it again. Do any of you know what it is? Failing that, where's the best place to find well-reviewed routers where I can filter by feature?
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Best answer: I found this site very helpful, and it seems to fit your description:
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There's also The Wirecutter, which gives you a top pick and then goes into a lot of detail about why it was chosen and why other models were rejected. Here's a link to the 'networking devices' page.
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The Wirecutter?
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The Wirecutter can be very hit and miss, IME. It's a metareview site (mostly), reviews based on a collection of reviews. Sometimes they come up with decent answers, sometimes they produce real stinkers, by looking at only a few sources. Any review at the Wirecutter needs to be sanity checked with other sites.
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For what it's worth: I don't know much about the Wirecutter's quality in general, but their recommended router, the Asus RT-N66u, really does seem to be good stuff according to all the online sources I could find. It's the one I'm planning to upgrade my parents to, so that they can have wifi in more than half the house...
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