What was this song (en espanol)?
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estes muertos viven en el campo - my local radio station played a song with these lyrics (pretty repeptitive, woman's voice). but google turns up nothing. i guess i have something wrong (surely every lyric ever is on the 'net?). any suggestions? the station plays a pretty eclectic mix of songs, but given the location (chile) and language (spanish), i guess this could be a local track (if so, i want to know even more, because it sounded very different to the usual stuff from round here). and as a (only vaguely related) bonus link for those who've read this far (and don't yet have the album) - suba's sao paulo confessions are even more wonderful than everyone says.
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Call the station?
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Response by poster: looks like it. i'd rather avoid that if possible, because i'm not the world's greatest spanish speaker via telephone. maybe i can bribe pauli to call for me...

i can't remember the music, much (heard it a couple of days ago, wrote down those words, and only remembered to search for them today), but iirc it was a lush, orhestral (synth?) sound, slow tempo. the vocals were in a fairly high register, quite clear. i'd be surprised if it's really obscure, because the station normally plays quite well-known (if varied) tracks.

i've got the radio playing here in the office as i work ("i am the eggman, coo coo di choo"), hoping it's on rotation, so i can check the lyrics.
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Andrew, if you liked Suba, you probably might enjoy Gotan Project.

Suba's record label was Ziriguiboom and Six Degrees. I assume you are also aware of Bebel Gilberto
as she is on the same label as Suba was.
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Response by poster: cool, thanks - don't know either of them, but have been planning to chase up connections (just got back from holiday - found the suba album in leeds, uk).
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That would be "estos muertos..", but alas Google turns up nothing for that, either. I´ve heard it too, if I figure it out I´ll let you know.
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Response by poster: thanks! (incidentally, you never replied to my email about the astrakhan cafe cd...)
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Perhaps it was Makiza?

Suba's death was an incredible loss. He died in a fire in SP, as he entered his place to rescue his stuff.
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Response by poster: i don't think it was makiza. what i've heard of them is pretty heavy with the rap, scratching, etc; this is more lyrical, lighter, and slower (but i'm going through the tracks on aerolineas - the only album i have of theirs - to check).

(i heard somewhere that anita from makiza is working on something new - but i don't think it's this).
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